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Xbox Series X and PS5 Possible Prices Leaked

Xbox Series X and PS5 Possible Prices Leaked

Corelation always does not mean causation and the fans of  PS5 and the Xbox series would surely agree to it. Rumors have been doing the rounds that the price of the console would be around $500 and there is a financing option present in the website. It is true that Best Buy has a $500+ financing and the promotion option  is also available in the Best Buy’s PS5 and Xbox series, however, there is no direct connection between these two. There are certain publications like that of Dualshockers that pointed out to the Xbox series X and the PS5 very informational pages on the Best Buy. They paid special attention to a very small advertisement that was available at the bottom the page that says, “Limited time: 18 month financing on storewide purchases $499 and up.” All that you will have to do is to click on the link and get to know more about it.

The financing option is very similar to any standard retail staff and if you have a Best buy Credit card and you are ready to pay off within 18 months, you will not have to make any interest payment. If not, then the interest rates would vary and it would depend on how fast you pay and what you buy. Apart from that you will also be able to get a number of best buy rewards. If you have dealt with the financing options of a retailer, you will understand that there is no surprises here. This is because in theory, this particular financing advertisement is there at the bottom of the Xbox and the PS5 series therefore both of these new consoles would cost atleast less than $500. But the problem is that the reasoning tends to overlook two salient features – one is that the 18 month financing is a promotion throughout the site and you will be able to find it in each and every page. So there is no reason to exclude products that cost less than $500.

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