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WordPress vs Wix – Which Is The Best Platform To Choose?

WordPress vs Wix - Which Is The Best Platform To Choose

Building your website is a crucial step to expand your business and make yourself stand apart in the competition. However, almost every newbie thinks which website maker would actually help him with best results, especially when it comes to choosing between major platforms like WordPress and Wix.

The question of WordPress vs Wix is obvious when the rising popularity of Wix is attracting a number of customers everyday but the legacy of WordPress could not be sidelined knowing that almost one third of websites are using the platform.

Although we will be comparing the two platforms on different aspects, it is essential to mark a major difference between the two. WordPress is an open source Content Management System(CMS) that highly favors websites having content and blogs. On the other hand, Wix acts as a tool or service where you are free to design your website by managing within the world of

WordPress vs Wix

Points To Check:

  1. Usability For New Website Creators
  2. Design Strategy
  3. WordPress vs Wix: Ecommerce
  4. WordPress vs Wix: Blogging
  5. WordPress vs Wix: SEO
  6. Plugins and Apps
  7. WordPress vs Wix: Data Portability
  8. Price & Cost

Let’s compare the two on different aspects and find results for each of them one by one.

1.   Usability for New Website Creators

Wix: Wix is preferred by people who wish to create their own website by simply dragging and dropping different options from the interface. Its ease of use is so great that one doesn’t need to be an expert or learn coding from an expert before. The environment of Wix is user-friendly enough that allows them to insert content, add pictures or any other elements which is no less than a blessing for beginners.

WordPress: WordPress doesn’t have such a long legacy just like that. It is again very user-friendly where an individual can select the appropriate theme and add relevant content afterwards. Although drag and drop features may not be present with the latest WordPress version, a person can slowly learn different functions and customize their website. Plus, the plethora of themes offer a person with multiple options.

Conclusion: We would like to go with Wix in this case considering the time limit in fast life and self-sustainability.

2.   Design Strategy

Wix: Wix is making itself strong in the design aspects as multiple templates could be found in the location. As the template is chosen, you can easily change the layout, fonts, design and rearrange everything the way you like. In fact, templates are subdivided into different categories like business, hobbies, art and craft, etc. To add a little more information, Wix designs are prepared in HTML5 to ensure the ease of use as well as sending a professional look.

WordPress: Amongst free and premium themes on WordPress, one can find hundreds of additional features with premium versions. If someone is looking for hardcore business websites where easy customization could definitely spike up the business, WordPress is a must go place. As we know that you may want to hire a developer for WordPress website, they can really help in customizing space as per your requirements.

Conclusion: We would like to go with WordPress in terms of design and layout where thousands of templates and plugins make their way to make the website perform better.

3.   WordPress vs Wix: Ecommerce

Wix: This might seem like a drawback to some of you as only paid plans are offered by Wix for people beginning an e-commerce website. Even if you have a website on Wix and you wish to make it an ecommerce site, you need to upgrade your website to a premium version. Moreover, one can accept payments only using PayPal or The limited gateways of payment and high upgrading fees may look a little awkward to many.

WordPress: With the power of WooCommerce, one can create an online ecommerce website in less money than imagined. Moreover, the ecommerce website themes have multiple plugins to approach, some of which are specifically designed to sell specific products online. It is exciting to know that some plugins come with their own themes.

Conclusion: WordPress is definitely hard to beat when it comes to make an ecommerce website. However, one can use Wix when it comes to starting a small business. 

4.   WordPress vs Wix: Blogging

Wix: Although Wix offers itself a strong platform to add blogs and edit them as and when required but the advanced features required may show some lag. You must be aware about different blogging strategies before starting. You will find here multiple categories, tags, option to add photos and videos, schedule them to post but there will be limitations in many ways. However, ease of use for beginners is what makes Wix unique.

WordPress: Most of the blogging websites available online are made using WordPress. Why is that the case? If you wonder, you are definitely able to create your blogs and post pictures with utter customization, advanced features and the most wanted commenting section. Yes, technical knowledge or help from a website developer may be required but a long term blog can sustain WordPress blogging platform more than Wix.

Conclusion: Always, WordPress. There is no way one could avoid blogging on WordPress to enjoy all the layouts, editors and plugins.

5.   WordPress vs Wix: SEO

Everything could be done on the platforms but ranking yourself in the search engine is definitely the most important aspect for everyone. SEO counts crucial to get the website ranked high as well as earn more business than the competitors.

Wix: Wix is good enough to get your website ranked high but the premium plan makes things easier for you. You may find a little drawback with Wix when uploading photos online as these photos are not named automatically. This means that if you upload a number of pictures online at a time, naming them could be a hectic task. Some users have also reported that uploading pictures takes more time than usual.

WordPress: If you are able to approach different plugins using WordPress, there is no place better than it. One can easily edit page titles, meta descriptions, alt text, headings, canonical texts, and more.

Conclusion: The comparison between Wix and WordPress is pretty much strong and straightforward and both pay equal weightage to SEO. Although WordPress would still be providing you more attributes than Wix and hence this tussle between the two is taken away by WordPress once again.

6.   Plugins & Additional Apps

As we have already been learning that additional applications and apps create a lot of difference in the functionality of the website, this point is certainly unmissable. Industries like ecommerce, hotel bookings, freelancing photography or others need customized integrations and plugins are a great help.

Wix: When you find more than 200 apps to add in your website building, the ray of sunshine comes up too. One can easily add features like gallery, social media buttons for sharing, email marketing and more. Thankfully, there are many free apps to enhance your and users’ experience along with some paid apps.

WordPress: Since WordPress is trending for years now, you can find yourself comfortable with more than 50,000 free plugins. Apart from them, the list of premium plugins continues. It is amazing to know that everything is possible on WordPress due to its plugins. You demand a thing, you get it done!

Conclusion: We believe that the name of category winner is already strict and clear. WordPress takes away the game very swiftly.

7.   WordPress vs Wix: Data Portability

As the name suggests, Data portability is meant for content marketing to port your data from one location to another as and when required. Let’s figure out who can make it easily through the test.

Wix: When you take your content in XML format, you can easily port your content to other websites or locations. For other purposes, you will notice limitations in the functionality and manual downloading of pages, images and videos need to be done. It is because Wix claims that all the content is hosted only by Wix servers which doesn’t allow content exporting.

WordPress: On the other hand, WordPress has always given an open chance to export your content. When you click the ‘Export’ option, you can choose to port specific or all the content. In fact, you can download all the data manually if the exporting option doesn’t go with your flow.

8.   Price & Cost

Price and cost of any product is essential to figure out. After all, it must not fall hefty on your pockets in order to run the business strongly. So let’s find out about the price of each.

Wix: Although Wix lets you design a website for free, you won’t be able to take advantage of your favorite website name. Any website hosted by Wix will have an address mentioning The basic plan lets you develop the website but any kind of additional tools will remain absent from here. Later, when you want to enjoy more features like ad removals or others, a premium version needs to be available.

The plan mentioning $12 per month is a good pick and is unlimited with features. Although any further paid apps need to be paid separately.

WordPress: WordPress is absolutely free to use and is available for everyone. You can select your own domain name and web hosting and install it straightaway. If you wish to go for a basic plan, it will cost you $2.75 per month. Moreover, you can add any free features and plugins without the need for upgrading the plan.

Conclusion: Anyhow, WordPress is a winner over here.

WordPress v/s Wix: What Is The Verdict?

As you may have noticed that WordPress has been acting as a winner for almost all the points above, you will automatically make the conclusion that WordPress is a highly recommended platform. In terms of cost, customization, themes, plugins, additional features, industries like blogging and SEO, Wix is reaching the important points, yet may take some time to hit the right mark.

Although WordPress has a great legacy since years, it simply cannot be ignored in front of others. Moreover, WordPress is also letting the person choose domain names and make greater amendments in the website process. Also WordPress security is better then wix. Wix will reach to a new highs soon, but today the award is taken by WordPress alone.

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