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Will e-commerce be able to completely replace offline retailers?

Will e-commerce be able to completely replace offline retailers?

E-commerce refers to online trade and the exchange of products and items of different values and importance. As per the statistical analysis, retail online growth has increased three folds in the past few years. The online sale growth is rapid and steady, progressing at a fast pace. Every year many customers shift from traditional methods of shopping to online mode. We can see a drop in sales in local markets. The preference for online shopping over conventional methods has significantly increased among the masses. Many factors are responsible for contribution to the possible inclination of the customers towards the e-commerce retail sites. 

Does this mean Traditional Shopping will Completely Vanish?

Well, the concept of complete elimination or eradication of the traditional market is simply ideal. The downgrade in sales does not mean the complete vanquishing of offline retail stores. Still, some people prefer conventional methods over online e-commerce retail.   When comparing the two modes, both e-commerce and retail have their own merits and demerits over each other. No way can be considered extra superior since the e-commerce retail trends keep changing from time to time. Whether to shop through online shopping sites or traditional methods, it is the unilateral decisions of the customers.

E-commerce Vs. Retail

The shopping experience provided by e-commerce online retail sites and traditional retail stores is quite different based on location, access, and criteria. Both modes have continuously tried to bridge the gap between these two ways, but there is still a lot to compare. 

The e-commerce retail trends keep changing day by day, depending upon different factors affecting the sales and popularity. Both of them have some features that help to outshine each other while both lags for the shopping experience offered.

  • If traditional shopping is criticized due to excessive time and fuel consumption at the same time, online shopping lacks the physical aspects of the product. The customers cannot feel the fabric, and there are problems with the colors of the products when shopped through e-commerce retail.
  • Another point of contrast between e-commerce vs. retail trends includes safety and credibility.
  • E-commerce sites are open to many threats like phishing, fake sales, and privacy leaks. Whereas the traditional shopping methods do not lead to any problem in the payment criteria or false promotions, everything is practically done in front of you.
  • Retail or local shopping stars fail to expand the domestic reach and offer fewer choices as compared to the variety provided by the e-commerce online retail sites, which help you reach the international market.

There are different factors and quantities responsible for changing retail e-commerce trends and keeping the difference and competition retail vs. e-commerce going at their own pace.

Therefore, talking one-sidedly would reach onto no conclusion. Both the shopping methods or types have their flaws and plus points. It all depends on the customer’s preferences or choices about choosing any one of these methods.

Are monopoly and complete replacement by e-commerce retail possible?

As for this question goes, complete replacement of traditional retail stores by e-commerce retail sites is not at all a practical concept. Time and again, the value of conventional shopping may fluctuate or decrease, but it will never become zero. There are many advantages and features that only traditional methods of shopping can offer. The live experience with the real touch of fabric and being physically present during the shopping process can never be provided by any e-commerce online shopping site.

The need for traditional shopping will always be there. Its value can be a little insignificant but never absolute unnecessity. The remote areas which do not have internet access and the faction of people who do not have smartphones often resort to traditional shopping methods. There are people who do not like to buy things online and are fond of the same old conventional methods. Therefore the e-commerce retail growth for both the modes may be different, but also they have a diverse customer base. The e-commerce online trends are never constant and keep on changing from time to time.

What owes to increased inclination towards e-commerce retail?

The increased inclination towards e-commerce retail depends upon the individual choice and preference of the customers. Many factors are responsible for the change and shift towards this mode of online shopping. E-commerce offers many unique benefits, the most significant one being the expanded market range. With online retail sites, a customer can access and order the available products in the international market and go beyond the domestic reach.

Also, e-commerce online retail services are time and fuel saving. It provides faster access to all the products and immediate purchase catered by prompt payment. Online shopping services or sites’ comfort and convenience is the main factor responsible for luring the crowd out of the traditional malls or shops.

Online shopping and retail services best complement the busy lifestyle these days. The workload is so high that it becomes exhausting and frustrating to go out shopping and all. The online retail services allow users to have complete rest and order the products online by sitting comfortably at their homes.

Therefore, it becomes a more preferable and relevant choice for consumers owing to the time and physical constraints.


Possible Future of Modern Shopping.

Modern shopping can be idolized as a proper blend of both traditional and online shopping methods. Since both types of shopping have their significance and individual value, it can be believed that the future of shopping is about traditional retail stores working hand in hand with e-commerce retail stores. The best alternative and approach based upon modern shopping’s current scenario indicates that offline retailers stay in a healthy competition with their online counterparts. It is no more hidden that technological advancements must go hand in hand with the traditional approach. The same concept stands for the future of modern shopping in India. The sales and value of online retailers and offline retailers will remain fluctuating in the retail e-commerce trends based upon their individual retail economic growth.

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