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Why Is Marketo the Number One Choice as a Marketing Automation Platform?

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Companies struggle to find ways to continuously engage their customers at every stage of their customer journey. This can be a tricky and lengthy process because the volume of information companies get is huge. Because of this, quite often, companies face losses and even lose potential clients.

One way to solve this problem is to go for marketing automation software. The market offers various options that can help your company solve this problem. In order to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the choices, we decided to discuss Marketo, since it is one of the biggest names when talking about marketing software. A software that provides solutions for all kinds of businesses – starting from marketing automation and lead management to email marketing, detailed analytics, and much more.

As with any other marketing software, you may wonder whether you are making the right choice by trusting Marketo. Well, keep on reading if you want to inform yourself about all the pros and cons that this software comes with.

Marketo 101

Marketo marketing software is, without doubts, the leader in marketing automation. Among other things, it helps businesses generate leads, implement campaigns through email, it runs A/B testing, tracks minute details, and, of course, it manages customer service. All these processes will lead to a successful workflow and increased efficiency and revenues. So, what sets Marketo above all other automation software and platforms?

Marketo Pros

1.   Modular Design

For starters, this software has a modular system which comes with four main parts. These include:

  • Marketing automation
  • Customer engagement
  • Personalization options
  • Marketing management

What this ultimately means is that once you decide to go for Marketo, you can customize its use and get a custom-tailored solution for all your needs. This will give your marketing strategy a big boost, and positive results will soon follow.

2.   Time Savings

Before this automated solution, marketers would not have time to create unique content and think about strategies that bring business to the top. Well, if the marketers you employ are curious about how to learn marketo and are willing to utilize it daily – the tasks that used to take days will now take only a couple of hours. They will now use their time more creatively and will stay focused on other problem-solving duties.

3.   Measures of Success

All automation marketing software and platforms will find ways to report back on the performance of your latest campaign. All that is good and useful, but what separates Marketo from the others is its ability to predict future campaign performance. Sounds unbelievable, right?

It seems like that because it is not performed manually. It would never work. Marketo uses historical data using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. This will provide a clearer image of which marketing campaign does the trick and actually delivers results and which don’t.

4.   Lead Nurturing

The customer engagement part that Marketo offers (above-mentioned) will help you achieve advanced lead nurturing and segmentation. All this is possible because the software utilizes behavioral triggers. The customer engagement tool works by transitioning a lead back and forth in the pipeline.

For instance, if a potential customer looks at the pricing page more times in one week, that lead will be segmented into an accelerated lead nurture funnel.

5.   Account Profiling

In order to have a successful account-based-marketing (ABM) campaign, you have to trust digital technology to do that for you. This is another field where Marketo’s automation software shines. It allows marketers to identify top key accounts quickly.

Once that is completed, they will be able to build personalized programs in an acceptable, likable, sociable manner. The artificial intelligence that Marketo relies on leverages more than 500 data points in order to help your employees identify those key accounts. And the best part? It finishes the task within seconds.

6.   Predictive Content for Better Customer Experience

Another feature that makes Marketo worth your while and funds is its ability to deliver and design custom-made content for any prospect. What does this entail exactly? The predictive content feature will track your website from top to bottom and will identify content assets. These include blogs, ebooks, case studies or vlogs. Whatever you publish and see fit for your target audience. What comes next is amazing.

The behavioral triggers and machine learning that Marketo employs will enable the tool to show only relevant content to potential buyers. As time goes by, and the software has gathered enough data, it will recommend which of the published content topics on your website are best for your potential customers.

Cons of Marketo

1.   Complicated Pricing

At first, the whole pricing range for Marketo’s tools may seem confusing and overwhelming, especially if you are looking for a more straightforward solution for your marketing issues. There are some other software options and platforms that do offer one product, while Marketo has four. And each comes with different payment plans.

Be that as it may, what makes this seemingly complicated is what actually makes Marketo worth. It has more features, tools, and options. Pick the ones you need and inform yourself well about payment.

2.   Complicated Setup

As already stated above, one of the most vital tools in Marketo’s pocket is its customizable nature, which fits each customer perfectly. Well, if your employees do not have strong software and analytics knowledge – they may get confused.

The setup process takes time and effort, and an IT or marketing specialist will make it much more manageable. You can hire someone to set it up for you, or you can carefully pick your marketers and make sure they know how to use this type of advanced tool.

[FAQ List]

What Is Marketo Used For?

Marketo is an automated platform that helps businesses with lead tracking and nurturing, campaign analysis, SEO, website personalization, and social marketing. It records the customer’s behavior (use of the website, time spent there, and what he/she viewed), and over time it will generate relevant content for each customer individually, thus improving customer experience overall.

Is Marketo Hard to Learn?

At first, it may seem intimidating. Many describe it as somewhat challenging to learn, but it gets easier over time, and you will surely love it. It is a flexible software that allows you to do almost anything in the big world of marketing. So, yes, it comes with a few bumps along the road, but it is worth the effort and time.

How Do I Become Marketo Certified?

Before you can take an MCE (Marketo Certified Expert) exam, you need to know a wide range of Marketo – related topics and practices. It is recommended that you have at least 3 months’ experience in the field of marketing implementing Marketo. Some of the topics the exam covers are targeting, personalization, analytics, email marketing, and lead management.

How Long Does Marketo Certification Take?

There are two levels—an Entry-level, which takes 90 minutes and has approximately 60 questions. And an Advanced-level, which is again 90 minutes but has 75 questions. Once you get the Certificate, it is essential to know that, since 2017, the credential is valid for two years. You need to stay up-to-date with everything and retake the test if you need to.


Regardless of your business’s size, there is no question that you need automated marketing software. From what you can read above, Marketo shines in many fields and has its disadvantages too. Scale the pros and cons, do your research, compare and always make sure you make a well-informed decision.

Besides choosing the appropriate software, tool, or platform for completing your marketing strategies, you also need to make sure that you have the right team for the job. No tool will work its best if it is not operated the right way. Granted, Marketo does the job almost by itself – but it still needs the human push in order to work correctly and get maximum results in customer engagement and company revenues.

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