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Want An Eco-Friendly Smartphone? The Fairphone 3 Plus Is The Best Option For You

Fairphone 3 Plus - Environment Friendly Smartphone

Fairphone has always tried to be in the forefront in regards to the environment friendly devices. This is because, it is a company that believes in making smart phones using recycled parts and also from the conflict-free materials. The company has come up with a new handset  and it is perfect for people who prefer green phones, phones that are green in terms of the eco-credentials. The new phone is called the Fairphone 3 plus  and this is an improved version of the Fairphone 3 that was launched a year ago. Both the front as well as the rear cameras of this phone have higher resolutions of 16MP and 48 MP respectively. This battery is a bit bigger and the body of the phone is made of recycled materials.

The Fairphone 3 Plus is similar to the Fairphone 3 and it has 5.85 inch FHD and an LCD display, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a rear fingerprint scanner, a 4 GB RAM and a Snapdragon 632 chipset. Since this new phone is an upgraded version of the older one, so the people who already have the Fairphone 3 phone can buy the camera array which is just a fraction of the price of the new phone and then attach it to the old phone and thereby get this upgraded. This is a good move because this way it is able to keep up with the environmentally conscious nature of the Fair phone and it should certainly be able to reduce e-waste a bit. But if you do not have a Fair phone 3, then you can get the Fairphone 3 Plus for sale on the 14th of September. The price of this phone on all other days is slightly more, if you compare it to the other phones providing similar specifications.

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