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Top 5 Mobile Company And Their Reviews

Top 5 Mobile Company And Their Reviews

Today the craze for mobile phones between the youths is very much noticeable. Everyone one of us wants to buy a Smartphone having all the features within a pocket-friendly budget. There are different kinds of brand company mobile phones are available in the market. However, not all brands fulfill all the requirements. With time and technology, brand companies introduce many new features and technology in the Smartphone as well.

From kids to old people everyone is much addicted to this gadget. None can think a day without the phone. Mobile phones are very essential commodities in our daily life. Besides that, now it becomes one of the media of educational as well for all the students. Nevertheless, people like to buy only, trust brand company mobiles. Here we will see about top 5 mobile company and their reviews in detail.

At present, there are so many options available, that one may get confused about which brand company’s phone will be the best for them. To solve your confusion here I will talk about some of the most popular brand company mobiles with their feature, pros, and cons briefly.

Top 5 Mobile Company And Their Reviews For You

Among all the branded mobile companies, let us see the top 5 mobile company and their reviews which generally people prefer the most to use.

1. iPhone

This brand company’s mobiles are getting high attention from the other entire brand. This brand is very much popular among the people when it first comes to the market. From the feature to look, everyone is impressed by this brand. However, it is not a pocket-friendly mobile phone to buy. The prices are quite high in comparison to other mobile phones. It offers all its users a high-quality camera with all the latest features in it to provide the best experiences for the users. Nevertheless, let see some of the pros and cons of this brand.


Provide the best performance

Very secure

Offers high-quality apps

High-quality camera

5 years of iOS updates


More expensive than many other brands

The service charges are high

Less customizable


2. Samsung

This another one of the top-most trusted mobile brand companies now a day. People generally this brand for its feature and low budget. It offers all its customers to experience the best features and technologies in the phones at quite a reasonable cost. Here are some of the pros and cons of the Samsung brand for you all to know.


Offers best innovative hardware

Useful features

Good camera quality

Impressive design


Low battery life

The thermal management system is poor

Lack of software updates


GPS issue

Loss of processing power

3. Redmi

Nowadays, many of the people are using these brand company mobiles and thus it is another most popular brand. The low budget and high-quality camera features are the main attraction for all users.


Cheap hardware with great specs

Pocket friendly

MIUI is simply wonderful


Software optimization is poor

RAM utilization is poor

OS is buggy

Battery heating issue

4. Asus

If you want to buy a branded mobile phone then you can go with this brand. The pros and cons of this brand is


Good battery

Stylish design

Affordable price



No expandable storage

A fingerprint reader is low

5. OnePlus

This company considered one of the top-most mobile brands. There are many people, who are using this company’s phone for its amazing features.


Storage expansion good

Camera quality impressive

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Does not wireless charging

Slow charging


Hence, here is top 5 mobile company and their reviews for you all to know and get every possible detail about them.

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