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Top 3 Sega Saturn Games for Android Phone

Top 3 Sega Saturn Games for Android Phone

Sega Saturn was a home video game console which was released in November 22nd, 1994 by manufacturer Sega. The console is mostly remembered for its well served video games as it received mixed reviews from its audiences. Let us take a look at some of the top video games by Sega Saturn that you can play on your android. To do that you need to first download an emulator and the one you can find on Google Play Store is Yaba Sanshiro Free – Sega Saturn Emulator, this application will enable you to play the video games mentioned below on your android device.

Nights into Dreams

First game on the list is Nights into Dreams which is a third person, action video game released in July 5th, 1996 by developer Sonic Team, and the game has single player and multiplayer modes. The game takes players in two parts of the dream world, where different things take place. Players take follows the journey two teenagers who have escaped into dream world and have to defeat the Wizeman and Reala to restore peace in the dream realm. Wizeman is stealing the energy from the visitors of the dream world and has to be stopped. There are many features in the game and they are mentioned below.

  • There are two dream worlds namely Nightopia and Nightmare.
  • Nightopia represent the distinct personality of dreamers by luminous colored spheres.
  • There are many flight capable begins.
  • There are three levels each for the teenage character.
  • To reach the next level players need to successfully complete the previous one.
  • Players can revisit previous levels to improve their scores.
  • The characters have their Ideyas of wisdom, hope, purity and intelligence stolen from them by the minions of Wizeman and are only left with courage. Players have to recover those by collecting 20 blue chips.
  • Players need to be careful when they are walking around the landscape and have to save their characters from coming in contact with the alarm clocks. If they do their character wakes up and the level is over.
  • There are power-ups which can be gained by flying through the rings in the video game.
  • There also boss fights and multiplayer with split screen.


The second on the list is a first person role playing shooter video game which was released in June 22nd, 1996 by developer id Software for consoles. The game requires players to find their way through a massive maze like medieval environments, and while doing that player’s have to battle with several verities of monsters and creatures. They take on the role of the protagonist named Ranger who has been teleported and is the sole survivor of his team. If you want to download the roms of this game, you can download it from The features of the game are as follows:

  • The video game has 3D graphics with various locations.
  • The game has single player and multiplayer modes.
  • The single player mode consists of 30 separate levels which are divided into 4 episodes.
  • Players can success the dimension through magical portals that represented in each episode.
  • There are three realms in the video game namely medieval, gothic, and lava filled dungeons and caves.
  • The theme of the game can be said at times as hellish and satanic imagery.
  • In multiplayer mode if the players die they can respawn immediately, but will lose the items they have collected.
  • Multiplayer mode consists of deathmatch mode.
  • Players need to collect items which will help them in the future.
  • In each episode the players start from the scratch.

Panzer Dragoon Saga

The last on the list is role playing action fighting video game released in January 29th, 1998 by developer Team Andromeda. Players take on the role of the protagonist known as Edge, who is hired by the Empire; he rides a dragoon and protects the empire. The features of the video game are:

  • The character can fly on a dragon or travel on foot.
  • There three modes in the video game which are battling enemies, traversing to large areas by using the dragon, and exploring the game world on foot.
  • There are non playable characters with whom the main character can talk to.
  • The players are provided with weapons, which they can upgrade, and also buy several items like potions to help them heal or for power-ups.
  • Players get a targeting reticle which will help them interact with doors, locks and other things.
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