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Tips and Tricks for High-Quality Translation

Tips and Tricks for High-Quality Translation

Language is the basic means of communication among communities all over the world. Translation on the other hand is a fun way to convert one language to another. To be able to communicate in more than one language is what language translation is all about. It’s fun to become a translator but it also means you have to be quite critical about your linguistic skills too. 

Translating texts maybe a piece of cake for some, but it still requires a handset of linguistic skills, understanding of the job responsibility, and so on. Sometimes it can be really hectic to translate a document that consists of certain words, slangs, or phrases hard to depict due to a huge gap between the source language and target language. 

But where there’s a will there is a way too. To make translation easier, fun, and quick without any errors there are some tricks and treats you need to try. 

Sentences Are Important 

When you translate from English to French or from French to German or from any source language to target language, the major differences occur in sentence formation. 

Some sentences might be shorter in one language that ends up taking long sentences in other languages. Keeping this point in mind, make sure to use “short sentences.” Using short sentences will make meaning clear, while context will be easy to understand by the third source. 

When translating the document, keep the thought process short and precise. Prolong sentences are avoided to not create any confusion for the readers and it reduces the chances of errors too. 

English Terminology Is Your Guide 

Certain words repeat in the target language as well. But what if a new word pops up during the translation? If you are familiar with English terminologies, then first of all well done! This is your easy ticket to make translation error-free. 

This is extremely helpful, especially, if you are unsure about a word’s meaning or descriptive nature, then English terminologies always come handy. While you are at it, do not overuse the English terminologies either, it will ruin the essence of context otherwise. A small addition when necessary is the solution. 

From time to time, you can use it but keep it as an optional hand guide tool for translating a document. 

Adapt Translation According To Your Reader

This one minute detail is often overlooked by translators. A professional translation service keeps this point in focus. Their accuracy and level of understanding of the client’s requirement make it impossible not to stay focused. 

Sometimes a text is meant for a younger audience in one region while in the target region the same text may be opted to use for a different audience. Keeping such factors in mind you have to use a proper tone of voice and slang to accommodate the translation according to the reader. 

A simplified translated version has more tendencies to reach the audience. However, this approach varies from industry to target market. So before you translate a book or any public content, conduct research, find out about the reading habits of your target audience and translate the texts accordingly. 

Communication And Document Preparation 

What happens if a client is from Japan while the translation service provider is a French native? It can result in miscommunication quite easily. Cross-cultural communication is important, it requires time to study the difference between the two cultures (source and target languages). 

For this purpose, the client is asked to provide a source context that holds the correct information. If there are loops in the information, that ultimately will affect the translation quality. To increase the readability and quality of translation, a translator must keep providing the updates too, this way client knows progress and has a chance of communicating throughout the translation process too. 

Before any of this can happen, document preparation is the focal point for the translator. A thorough preliminary discussion is pointed out to ensure both client and translator are on the same page

Hire Subject Matter Experts

Sometimes it may happen that a small scale translation company is focused on saving money, then you are in for a real trick i.e. poor translation. Not every translator is suitable for all the categories. You cannot expect a medical translator to come up with a high-quality mechanical translation. 

Likewise, hiring a subject matter expert is what a good translation partner needs to do to improve the quality of the translation. Each subject wavers a specific set of terminologies, and therefore,  to deliver flawless translation, the translator must have industry-specific knowledge and relevant experience.

Especially for medical and healthcare centers, a subject matter expert is preferred to translate information. Similarly, for the legal industry, a specialized translator is the most suitable choice. 

Learn All About Context And Instructions

Every original text has some context hidden inside. Identifying the purpose of the information plays a vital role in understanding the client’s expectations. Once context form source document is revealed this gives the translator a chance for a more detailed level, avoids misinterpretations, and prevents any errors. 

To localize and translate it, it is important to discover the goal behind the original text. This is helpful in technical and legal translation, otherwise, one word wrongly interpreted results in a flawed translation. 

Usually, a primary meeting is conducted for this very purpose; you discuss any ambiguities that might be too open for the naked eye, easily picked out by the translator. Surely you will need reference material as well. Acquire it, if not given ask for it to ensure you get all instructions and context right. 

A Good Translation Is Superlative

Most translation agencies use automated translation tools alongside the pool of human translators to make an error-free translation. However techniques and tactics keep evolving with time, therefore you always have to come up with new ways to make the translation process easier and faster. 

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