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American Truck Simulator Wheel is the best way to enjoy your arcade simulator game. With this gadget, you drive your American Truck by sitting in the comfort and luxury of your home. In real life, it may not be possible for you to drive this truck. So to get almost the real-life experience, buying a truck simulator steering wheel is not a bad idea.

You’re reading this because you do not know where to start buying this amazing and cool device for your simulator game. Well! Do not worry, we’ve made the buying simple for you and after reading this, you’ll be able to shop for an excellent American Truck Simulator Steering Wheel according to your requirements.

There is an enormous number of choices out there for this gadget. We always recommend doing your homework before buying a steering wheel. There’re many factors to consider for selecting a steering wheel in the market or online.


The first and foremost thing to check is the ‘compatibility’ with your system. It means to check whether the wheel is compatible with your gaming platform, for example, PS3, PS4, PS5, One, PC, or Xbox, and whether it can be used on a PlayStation or your PC alike. But the Universal steering wheel has solved this problem once for all, as it is compatible with all the systems.


You need to check the diameter of the steering wheel. Most of them have a diameter between 10 inches to 14 inches, which is the normal diameter of real-life American Truck steering wheels. Too many small or too large wheels will spoil the fun of the game.

Most of the wheels are sold with wheelbases as a unit. It’s also possible to buy each gadget separately. But many manufacturers are selling the pack as a package that is not heavy on your budget. This way you can have the best wheel to suit your gaming need.


Focus on the materials and the build quality of the wheel. Always choose one that is made of metal and not some low-cost cheap plastic. The high-end models are normally made out of CNC-machined aluminum, which is a bit expensive but you’ll not regret it while having fun. Rubber grips are better for a fascinating adventure with your truck simulator game.


You also need to consider the sensitivity of the wheel and its angle of rotation. Most gaming wheels have an angle of rotation between 180 to 270 degrees. While others have 360 degrees and there’re some in the market having 1080 degrees.

The angles are easily adjustable according to the requirements of the truck simulator. Although the sensitivity of 1080 degrees is for steering cars. But if you need the real experience of driving an American Truck simulator, then go for the wheel having a sensitivity of 1080 degrees.

  • Mounting your steering wheel is very significant, as you’ll not like your wheel to move around while you’re driving.
  • Go for the steering wheel having strong suction cups or mounting clips, which will make your piloting job easier.
  • Most of the wheels are just plugged and play type. Whereas some others require special software to install in your system to function properly.
  • Also, check the control buttons and tiny LED lights on the wheel. More buttons mean more control over your driving. The buttons are programmable and can be customized as per your gaming convenience.
  • Ergonomics is also a crucial feature to consider because you’re more likely to be spending a fair amount of time on the roads and highways. Ergonomics will ensure that you do not feel uncomfortable while driving your truck.

The Force Feedback system in the simulator steering wheel gives the feeling of real driving. It refers to how the wheel reacts to the forces that can be felt in real-life truck driving. This function automatically adjusts the flatness or evenness and speed of the steering wheel based on the driving topography, smooth road, rough field, etc.

Another feedback function is the rumble feedback system in which the wheel vibrates. There’re vibrating motors in the steering wheel that shock, bounce, and shake your wheel when your truck crashes or bumps into an accident. This makes your simulator game big fun.


  • American Truck Simulator gives you a good opportunity to drive long-vehicle trucks. It gets you behind the steering wheel to start your truck, drive, park, load, or design your 18-wheeler long truck.
  • Nowadays, multi-function steering wheels are available in the market as well as online. I real life, a driver’s eyes, and hands are awfully important tools for driving. You learn that keeping your eyes on the highway and your hands gripping the steering wheel can enhance the safety of yourself and the person traveling with you.
  • Since you are driving a truck virtually and not driving, which can give you the experience to learn from your mistakes without distressing yourself about the penalties.
  • When you drive a truck through a simulator steering wheel, it prepares you to handle dangerous tasks such as to avoid collision with other vehicles. No doubt you cannot practice these tasks on a real highway.
  • By using this gadget, and by creating certain gaming set-ups purposefully, you can practice and learn a large variety of tips and methods over a given time.
  • Lastly, with the help of the American Truck Simulator controls you can also get the know-how of driving the truck at night-time. This is the experience that even the driving schools are unable to give.


The steering wheel is the main physical hardware of your truck simulator. So you should feel comfortable and relaxed with the device in your hands.  You generally get what you pay for. High-end truck simulator steering wheels are quite expensive but that’s is an investment because they’ll last longer.

Remember as the price goes up, so is the build quality of the wheel and realism of the truck driving experience. Nevertheless, to make your truck driving more life-like and realistic, investing in a steering wheel is ideal for this game. Happy Gaming!

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