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The New Safety App of Microsoft Provides Parental Control

Microsoft Launches New Family Safety App with Parental Control

The Family safety app of Microsoft has been launched very recently and this app will be available on Android and IOS phones. With the help of this app, the parents will be able to understand the children’s use of screen times. This app will also help the parents to create the time schedules for the screens and also limit the screen timings. Moreover using this app the parents will also be able to configure the boundaries around accessing the web and also track the location of the family member. This app, like most of its competitors, will work very well with people who have already brought into the ecosystem of the services and the products of the company. For example, in the case of Microsoft, it includes the Xbox devices and the Windows 10 PCs. 

If you are interested to know about the features of this family safety app, you can go through the points mentioned below:

With This, You Will Be Able To Develop A Healthy Digital Routine

This app will help you to know in details about the activities of your family. You will thus be able to have a proper conversation about the things that your kids are doing online and also know in detail about the times they spent on each of the screens, the websites that they have visited most frequently, and the terms that your kids have searched the most. You will be able to receive an email where you will get a summary of the various activities of your kids. 

You Will Get The Option To Set The Limits To The Screen Timings

This app will also help you to set screen time limits across the Xbox and also the Windows devices. On the other hand, if the kids have to spend more time on the screen online, learning then you also get the option to set screen time limits for certain apps or some games. Therefore, if you want your child to spend just one hour playing a particular game, then it will mean one hour and not more irrespective of the fact as to whether they are playing it on Xbox, Windows PC, or the Android phones. In case the child runs out of time, then the child can certainly ask for more. You will have the option of adding more time but this depends on whether you consider it right for your children.

This Also Allows You To Choose The Right Contents For Your Children

You need to create a safe space for the kids when they are trying to explore things online. With the help of search filters and web, you should set certain healthy boundaries. This will help you to block the adult contents and set the browsing for your kids limited to the various websites that are kid-friendly. 

Set notifications, so that you get an alert in case the kids try downloading adult content.

With This App, You Can Also Track The Locations For Your Loved Ones

This app allows you to stay connected with your family even when they are not in front of you. You will be able to see the location of your loved ones using a location-sharing app. Moreover, you can also save those places where the members of your family visit the most and this will help you to know about them at a glance. These days due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are restrictions imposed on your mobility. As a result, you need to know where your family members are now in case they are out for some reason. For example, if your teenager went to a grocery store and finally landed up in his or her friend’s place, you will be able to track it.

Like other screen time apps the family safety app of Microsoft also provides an activity log for the kids. With this feature, you will be able to know about the number of hours the kids are spending on the devices that include phones, Xbox, Windows computers, etc. It will also let you know the words that the kids have searched for online. This app is immensely important today, especially because we live in a world where both parents are earning, and keeping a track on the children becomes a challenge.

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