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The Modern Way Of Security Systems

perimeter intrusion detection system

Own a business? Looking for ways to make it secure? Many challenges are faced by all kinds of businesses big or small. Security of the premises can turn out to be a major setback if it isn’t up to the mark. All the process and capital that goes into the production of goods and services by the business can get affected if there is an attack or theft. Having a security system is a necessary asset in today’s time. There are overall two types of intrusion systems that are needed for the security of the business. The first one is internal security that is required for the systems that are used in the establishment. This is important to prevent any hacking into the system, man-made virus from altering the system, and to monitor network traffic.

The threats can be identified and prevented from causing any harm to the system. The second one is a perimeter intrusion detection system which enables the establishment to secure the area and continuous patrol with sensors avoiding unwanted intrusion and a record of people/employees entering the area on daily basis. 

The main motives of the intrusion security solution include: 

  1. Sense – An artificially intelligent (AI) system is set-up all over the establishment that includes cameras, intrusion detection sensors systems. The AI system is responsible for monitoring, protection, and notification. 
  2. Analyze – The data is collected continuously on the system and a track record is maintained in the form of mute data. The trigger system functions when there is some unwanted intrusion or practice taking place. The data is converted into Actionable Intelligence.
  3. Act – Suitable actions are taken based on the insights of the business, noted by the system. The motto is to optimize the functioning with minimal set-backs to increase productivity overall. 

The system focuses on a “phygital” transformation which provides a bridge between the digital world and the physical world. This provides an interactive environment to the user enhancing the efficiency of business and customer experience. 

The phygital transformation is necessary as it is the new era of security and it has immense benefits. Some are listed below – 

– AI and Machine Learning capabilities: The entire system including the cameras are trained to function according to the standard operating procedures of the business. There is a special algorithm set up for every system according to the needs of the establishment. 

– Cloud secure infrastructure: All the sites’ cloud storage is encrypted end-to-end and secured. Footages, other data are kept digitally safe and free of hacker intrusion. 

– Centralized command centre: Monitoring of the site is carried out by audit engineers with full knowledge of the phygital security system. Proper communication is maintained between every member of the team allotted. 

– Unified V-SAAS Platform: The data, analysis of the system, sensor data are all maintained using a single platform. In this way, the system can be centralized to ensure smooth functioning. 

An advanced security solution can help in enhancing and boosting the business. It helps them to compete with other global brands more efficiently. Round-the-clock monitoring with hardware and command centre services is provided. The entire system works on a unified platform. The security does not require heavy infrastructure or investment, therefore the company won’t have to invest a lot in the physical maintenance of the system, therefore, it does not affect the CAPEX i.e. Capital Expenditure. Wondering the services offered? Here are a few, listed below.

–    Unified ecosystem for data helps in merging many fragments of data into one for a single centralized view. The marketing teams can communicate easily when the data is unified into one single system. It helps the managing of production with ease. The systems of Enterprise Resource Planning, CRM, marketing systems, partners of data, and web applications view the data as one. All the teams of the administration are well informed and updated with each function that takes place in the establishment. 

–    Perimeter security is enabled physically as well as digitally. The use of cameras and sensors helps in the detection of malware practices and also in the maintenance of records. Electronic security is a modern solution implemented by almost all establishments to ensure 100% safety. Several detectors are installed which are triggered when there is an activity of trespassing. Electric monitored fences, laser sensors and a monitored CCTV set-up are part of perimeter security. The businesses can include other options such as radar and seismic sensors according to their requirements. This is a completely automated system. 

–    Actionable insight provides a suitable solution to the problem depending upon the situation. The data stored can be subjected to security threats such as hacking, cyber attacks. The system is configured to perform regular analysis and report a breach in the system whenever they occur. The system is secured and is made to block the attack even before it tries to affect the data. The algorithm and analytical process are of a high level and its sole purpose is to prevent any potential attacker to cause disadvantages.  

–    Video solutions through a cloud system are helpful as it can be carried out from anywhere at any time. The data is also stored on the cloud and is highly secured and encrypted. It is compatible with the hardware used and smooth functioning of the server is ensured. The cloud support is of high quality. The company doesn’t need to worry about storage issues and can store as much data as they want using cloud services.

This system is based on the framework of security, compliance ad analytics. Establishments such as warehouse, QSR, Retail, and banking sectors are the top ones that use this kind of security system. Its main objective is to provide a great customer experience, efficiency, and smooth operations of the tasks required on the daily basis. Intrusion detection and prevention systemsoverall can be helpful to the establishment and is something all the business should opt for in this modern an era of security.

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