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The 9 Best Tech Websites & Blogs to Follow In 2020

The 9 Best Tech Websites & Blogs to Follow In 2020

We cannot really think of a life today without apps and gadgets and our lives would stop without these. Tech websites and the blogs are being read by not only the tech savvy group of people but also by the less tech savvy ones who just want to surf the internet to know about the latest updates. A recent research shows at more than 77% of the blog and the internet users do reach the blogs. Blogs are able to attract the viewers. In fact as much as 84% of the viewers have also purchased products after going through the product details in these blogs. As much as 1/3rd of the people between 25 and 35 years read 2 to 5 blogs each day.

If you are also interested in going through the tech savvy websites and blogs, here is a list that you can go through. It contains a list of the most trending websites and blogs of the year 2020:

·        TechCrunch

This is a blog and also one of the best technology websites that will provide you with some valuable and informative content. This is a major technology media and so it covers news related to the various apps, the technology events and the gadgets. If you are really interested in enjoying the content easily, you can download the Techcrunch app. This way you will not miss out on the latest updates. There are blogs, video and audio published each minute to keep the website visitors aware about the latest gadgets.

·        The Verge

This is also a website that has information about the latest gadgets and other cool stuffs. If you want, you can also go through the You tube channel of this website. Here you will be able to get reviews about the various gadgets and also get to know latest updates with the newest technologies. These videos are very well produced and also have quite pleasing aesthetics. There is also a section that is related to Science. It covers the most interesting scientific happenings and theories. The topics here are divided into a number of categories. Therefore, finding the topics of your choice is not at all difficult here. This is basically a multi-media platform that helps you understand how technology plays an important role in shaping our lives. If you want, you can also get some editorial information here. This is a website containing the details of the latest mobile technology and has been created keeping the digital consumers in mind. This has been a revolutionary technology that has completely changed the media culture, science and transportation. There are some people who are very much interested to know about the technological trends and also want to know how exactly these changes would affect the society.

·        Gizmodo

This is the perfect platform for the gadget lovers. In fact it is believed that this is the best online portal that one wants to follow in the year 2020. Here, in this website you will get all the latest news related to the gadgets. Apart from the latest news, you will also be able to find tutorials and guides about the various gadgets. You also come to know about the most innovative technologies.

·        Mashable

This is quite a huge multi-media platform that provides you with some of the most enthusiastic and smart contents relating to the various tech products and the latest innovations. Here you also get news that is related to the entertainment, science and culture. This website has millions of readers and social media followers. It provides you information about shaping the society in a way so as to bring about a social well-being. Today you can read Mashable from across the globe.

·        Recode

This is a technology website where you get information from across the globe. This is a website that gives you news that has been collected by the individual journalists. Here you get the latest news related to pop culture, food, science, politics etc. It publishes news related to Silicon valley and it is for this reason that this website has been able to feature itself among the top 10 best tech websites.

·        CNET

The only goal of this website is to provide you with information wherever and whenever you want. Here you get the contents related to culture, Science and technology. In this website you get important highlights about why tech is important and how it works. The blog readers can rely on this website for the guides, informative videos, analytical technical trends and various gadget features. It also gets connected with the audience through the various social media platforms, printed magazines and the mobile applications.

·        Wired

Most people who are interested in the tech websites must have heard about Wired. This is one of the best and the coolest tech websites. In this website you will get the daily tech news and how it impacts the society. This website will provide you with all the information you need about the technological world. Other than technology, this website also covers a lot of other topics like Business, Science, Transportation, security, gear and others. This is also quite a well organized website and reading it is also quite easy.

·        Futurism

This is an independent media company that helps you to get the Science and the technology related news. It has a lot of interesting contents for the audiences. The primary focus of futurism is to provide the latest videos and the news relating to the various break through that impact the modern way of life. In order to read the daily newspaper, you can also subscribe to the site. Make sure that you follow the most interesting updates relating to Science and technology in this website.

·        ZDNet

This is also another website that covers the latest news related to technology. Here, in this website, you get news focusing on analytics, technology news, product reviews for the IT professionals, comments and analytics. The tech business professionals thus are able to know about the latest IT issues, events and trends from this website. It also allows the experts to take the right decisions.

Technology becomes outdated very fast. Therefore it is necessary for the students, the IT professionals and the business start ups to stay updated with the changing technology. If you want to stay connected with the latest technology, then blogs and online media are the only way you can do it.

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