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The 15 Awesome Free Fonts Designers Should Download in 2020

15 Best Free Fonts Designers Should Download

It is not always easy to find a good font and finding one can be quite expensive. If you are working on any personal projects, you can always opt for free fonts. Fonts have different kinds of styles and designs.

If you are interested to know about some of the free fonts that you can download, you can go through the points mentioned below:

·       Free Serif fonts

The serifs are decorative features that edges for each of the letter and the number. These fonts are quite easy to use and they are mostly used in the print design  as the characters are quite clear and distinct. Thus our brains are also able to process such font types easily. It is true that most serifs will work well as headlines as well as the body, however, it is important that you select the typography very carefully.

·       Knile

This font is a geometric slab that again belongs to the serif font family. It comes in a total of 16 different styles. But only the regular and the italic version of this font is available for free download. The typeface has excellent readability  and clean kerning. If you are interested in downloading a font that is free, then it is highly recommended that you use this font only for text titles and sections where the text is quite short. This font is not ideal for editorial use.

·       Skola Sans

This is also another font that belongs to the family of those fonts that are available for free downloads. These are apt for use in the commercial projects. This is also a functional font and has as many as 20 font styles. This family of fonts also have a normal version where there is a total of 5 weighs along with matching italics. The character supports both the Cyrillic and also the Latin letters. The best part is that everything is available for free specially if you use it for the non-commercial projects.

·       Neonneon

This is also a free typerface and it will remind you of the 80’s. This is the first typoface of the bakoom studio and the main goal of this font is to reproduce a style that is similar to the neon signage of the 80’s. You can use this font for your headlines and it will look really attractive. This font is also ideal for use in magazines, advertisements and also posters. You can use this font for both the commercial as well as the personal projects.

·       Salted Mocha

This is a font that is created from a handmade brush script typeface interface. You can use it in both personal and also desktop personal use.

·       6th Buffalo

This is also another font that can definitely feature among the top fonts available for free download at the Pixel Surplus only.. This font also provides you with a hand drawn look. You can use these fonts for different projects including promotional work and branding.

·       Mosk Font Family

This is a font that is again available for a free download and belongs to the clean and linear sans-serif font. This font has a typo face that is very well designed. It also has a total of 9 weights starting from quite a delicate thin font to a strong one. It comes with lower case, upper case and numerical. This is a font that is appropriate for use in the modern designs, headlines, print, text logo and the web.

·       Anson

This is a fine sans serif font as well and this is available for free downloading. This is a simple and condensed font and this was created by a graphic designer who was based in Finland. This work ranges from the digital projects to the type design. This font consists of 188 glyphs and it includes capital and small letters along with numbers and other symbols.

·       Musket

This font is listed among the three top fonts available for free downloading. This font has a robust slab serif interface and this is appropriate for use in the lower cases as well as upper cases. It is available in two weights including both bold and regular. You can either download this for free or make donations if you want to.

·       Big John Pro

This is a striking interface for all. This font is available in a total of three weights. This font is also equipped with lower cases, upper cases and also addition. This font comes with a very versatile interface and has as many as 500 diacritics. This font is available for both personal as well as commercial use.

·       Heading Pro

This belongs to the super family of a total of 146 fonts and these are available in nine weights, italics and eight width. Due to the availability of this font in a variety of weights and width, you will be able to us it for both headlines and text. You can use this font for personal projects and not for commercial ones.

·       Belda

This font is inspired by the Roman calligraphy and has some good shapes and contrasts. You will get the option to choose between strokes and thickness, a strong presence and a simple structure. Though this font also comes with quite a huge family, however, only the regular one is available for free download.

·       Aloja

This is a display front that looks like a handwriting display as it has a edgy vibe and looks quite casual. Each of the letters of this particular font is handwritten using a brush that helps in creating a personal, unique and a playful look and feel. It is apt for the use in posters and titles. You can get this font in woff format as well.

·       Gagalin

 This is a retro comic font that has thick strokes and the texture that they use is also quite rough. This is an all caps font and is suitable for posters, titles and also t shirts. You will find Greek, Latin and cyrillic letters in the font. Apart from this, you will also find basic symbols and numbers. This is absolutely free to use.

·       Calama

This is a tall and a condensed sans serif font and have rounded corners. This font is based on the geometric shapes and it looks both normal and casual. It is ideal for use in captions rather than in the paragraphs. It has Armenian, Greek and Latin characters and is available for both commercial as well as personal use.

 It is true that the above mentioned fonts are free, however, even free fonts are available in very good designs and quality that you can use for your professional projects. Therefore downloading the fonts is certainly a good idea.

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