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Test your website’s performance through Subiz.

What exactly is Subiz?

Subiz is a clever sales technique that allows users in capturing and bringing visitors to their site and generate leads by using simple, yet powerful procedures. Users can quickly create leads by automating the different functions of the site and introducing their visitors with animated, attractive greetings, and then collecting their personal information. While doing this, they can determine the most popular areas of their field. They are also able to provide helpful details on the products and services they can offer people who are interested.

What are the reasons we should use Subiz?

To draw visitors on your site It is crucial to provide them with items that are useful in their everyday life. This is so that they feel confident about being part of your company. It is possible to do this by putting relevant content on your website. To keep your content engaging You can employ Subiz’s expert submitter Subiz who will provide pertinent information in various formats. The submitter can easily modify your content to ensure that your visitors feel involved.

Subiz Implementation Functions

Enhance real-time chat for visitors

Another method of engaging your visitors on your website is by using live chat on your site. It can be accomplished by using various interactivity Subiz features. Live chat on your site which allows you to chat and interact with customers via Subiz customers as they are asking questions about products or services you provide. With this live chat feature you can utilize the technology of recording voice. Your customers can make recordings of inquiries by speaking them out loud and then forward them to you via chat. You can then use your recorded messages and engage directly with Subiz customers.

Be aware of the amount of visitors

You can keep track of how many people join in your Subiz chat. Utilizing the web form builder feature within Subiz it is possible to upload your chat history to the site. Visitors will be able look through all the recorded chat messages that you can then delete or keep private. If you want to track the behaviour of your customers who are currently engaging with others, you can make use of your own Chat history. It is also possible to view your chat history in real time to allow you to modify it as needed.

Increase online visibility

In addition to the web form constructor and chat history sections you can also utilize various different Subiz triggers to increase the visibility of your website. One trigger that is a good one is called the ” Subiz” trigger, which will automatically add the new chat ID into the chatlist. It is also possible to utilize triggers like “show alerts” as well as the “paste from the clipboard” triggers to refresh your feed on your website with the latest information and posts as well. It is possible to create numerous triggers as well as assigning different priority to them. Multiple triggers can update your website in real-time, without having to manually alter the contents of your website or create new code.

For example, you could make and then start an example Subiz “add to cart” live chat trigger whenever customers place an order on your site. The “add to shopping cart” live chat feature will refresh the website instantly, with latest information once the client confirms their purchase. If you offer live assistance the information will speedily and efficiently provide your customer service reps actual-time information regarding the state of an order to enable them to quickly respond to questions from customers. So with a pre-defined , pre-activated Subiz triggers, you can make sure your website remains up-to-date with the latest information to ensure maximum efficiency and security.

Different types of Subiz Triggers

There are numerous more advanced Subiz triggers that are available that offer you a number of additional functions. You can, for instance, make use of these triggers to get precise reports on how many people are arriving on your website and how many pages they visit as well as how long they are spending on your site along with their location and many other important information. Furthermore you can utilize these triggers to identify which of your links have been clicked, what images have been downloaded and the number of sales that have been actually made.

You can also get comprehensive analysis reports of IP addresses as well as other information that identifies every visitor, allowing you to get an accurate image of who your visitors are. That is the amount of live chats you can host on your site as well as the number of unique visitors, as well as the amount of pages they browse provide metrics to analyze the performance of your website. Combining these advanced Subiz features with a meticulously controlled with a well-optimized navigational system you can guarantee that your website is operating efficiently.

What is it that makes Subiz different From Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is not the sole option available in assessing the efficacy for your marketing campaigns online. Many web publishers are using proprietary software that also provide sophisticated reporting features to track the behavior of visitors as well as sales, and assess the success of campaigns in the similar way to Google Analytics. Google’s free service however is not as robust in its reporting and analytical capabilities that are granular and frequently plagued by tracking errors. Furthermore, there are numerous additional open-source Subiz plugins that are available to online marketers who want to create highly customizable real-time messaging platforms on their websites for example, AdSense chat, or AdWords chat. Some of these plugins incorporate Google Analytics as well as other data sources of major importance and make it easy to create a customized solution that can maximize the benefits for the Subiz solutions.

Other Related Sources

1. What exactly is Subiz Live Chat?

Subiz offers an excellent customer-communication solution to solve a wide set of customer pain points.By chatting directly with visitors, it helps business users provide direct assistance and receive feedback in real-time. All of these customer-interactions run through a chat widget integrated into any website, while visitors are browsing the web page.
Subiz is a combination of all the most powerfuland easy-to-use features to create the Live Chat solution to enhance customer service.


2. Subiz Pricing Features, Reviews, and Alternatives

Subiz is designed to be an interactive chat box that can be integrated on your website so it is possible to communicate directly with your site visitors.

The program also assists users to improve their operational management by receiving instant feedback from customers , and the complete transcript of conversations secure servers.


3. Subiz Review

The features of the product are simple to set up and use. Sales and customer support agents can utilize the dashboard to track who’s visiting your website and what they’re doing. After that, they can initiate live support and interact with customers. It is possible to completely alter the theme, text and the colors of the app to reflect your website and the image of your brand.


4. Subiz Company Info

Subiz is among the best chat software that is available. Provides a wide range of different functions for your website including: attracting as well as automatically welcoming visitors, helping customers swiftly, and automatically dispersing conversations to the appropriate experts and professional interactions through SMS templates. ,… after obtaining information about customers from various sources, Subiz will evaluate and sort customers automatically. Sorted in accordance with the needs and nature of the business. With Subiz’s remarkable advantages, Subiz has and is currently serving more than 20000 customers from large corporations like Vingroup, Mazda, PNJ, ..




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