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Strategies to Win on FIFA

Have you been struggling to win matches on FIFA? If you are, then chances are that you might find this article helpful in easing your frustration and make you upgrade your FIFA gaming skills to win against your opponents.

These days, I seldom play FIFA compared to how I used to, due to my busy schedule.

Nonetheless, I’m able to win the majority of the matches whenever I have time to.

This is because I’ve learned some tactics and mastered the art as well. So, check out my winning-potential FIFA strategies that made me defeat most of my opponents, below.

Having a Strong Center-Backs

When you go on the defense mode, chances are that your opponent may see better chances when they send long balls up the pitch. In this case, having two center-backs in place which are strong enough in the air would be of great help.

Also, having those center-backs can provide you with a breakthrough in critical times like during corners or free-kicks.

Desisting from Sprinting

I know this might sound to you as illogical, especially if you’ve been playing your matches by sprinting every here and there.

Even though the recent FIFA releases has brought to us some improvements in terms of stamina drain, but still, you can’t quantify how much of your attackers’ energy you’ve been draining on sprinting.

When you sprint, you’re not just tiring your players out, but also making it a bit more difficult for them to properly control or pass the ball.

However, the only time I could recommend sprinting is when you find a clear pathway such as when you’re in out-wide possession of the ball and you’ve beaten the fullback.

Making Good Use of the Radar

Not that many players find the radar which is located at the bottom-screen of any use.

Still, the radar is invaluable as it will help you to see the players that are already marked and which are not, in addition to helping you determine the effectiveness of passing the ball over the top.

Practicing Timed Finishing

Although very effective, timed finishing is a bit more difficult to do. So, make sure you’re good at it before unleashing it especially on one-on-one.

Once you get the grips, then congratulations to you as that means more accurate and consistent shots that will give you a higher chance to score.

Nevertheless, it might not end well if you get it wrong, this is why you need to learn and be good at it.

Trying out New Skills

EA Sports is always out there, looking for ways to improve our FIFA gaming experiences. This is why every new release is featured by new skills moves that are designed to bring the best out of players.

We have additional passing options at our disposal, the new attacking features like agile dribbling and creative runs that can provide players with tactical edge and other more improvements.

Familiarize yourself with those skills so you can have an edge against your opponents.


There are many strategies you will need to implement, so you can have an edge against your opponents in matches, but most importantly, you need to know your players and what they are capable of doing.

Always let a player go when you sight a better alternative that will improve your team. In case you can’t afford a good team, then it is time you go trading. In this case, I recommend you to check out this FIFA Autotrading App: It comes with FIFA Autobuyer that will help you earn more coins on autopilot, so you can build your dream players hassle-free.

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