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SEO Rankings Drop: No Need To Worry Read This Article


Doubtlessly this world has become too advanced now. In this aeon, nearly all businesses and everything has outstretched the level of online marketing. This has undoubtedly led to tough competition among digital marketing companies for alluring potential customers. The competition is regarding the search engine ranking which is the real king here. Many SEO companies are there to help take hold of the competition.

A massive competition is there. If the search engine ranking of one site goes up, definitely it will go down for others. So it’s important to be aware of all the possible scenarios in which any site might lose the organic search traffic.

Here are the major six types of Google Ranking Drops and how one can address them and also cope with them.

  • Algorithmic or penalty manual rank drop
  •  Due to update in Google’s Algorithm
  • Google Flux
  •  The demotion of the site due to On-page Issues
  •  Rankings dropped due to loss of links.
  •  Outranked by another competitor

Since it is known what is the type of Google ranking drops, one can now learn the ways to fix them up.

(1) For The Algorithmic Or Manual Penalty Rank Drop, One Must Read The Following Things:-

How Can One Diagnose A Google Penalty?

This is generally a big drop in search engine rankings that succumbs suddenly. If any site is dropping more than 10 to 20 positions on a multitude of keywords, then this could be stipulated for a penalty. There is somewhat a difference between algorithmic and manual penalties. Algorithmic penalties are automatic and are generally released with certain Google Updates. While the manual penalties, as the name suggests, are manually applied by a Google employee. In this case, even if a site is being penalized by Google if the drop is swift and harsh, the site resumes being ranked on other search engines like Yahoo or Bing.

How Can One Identify And Then Recover From Google Penalty?

For identifying the exact cause, the best way is to first check the Google Webmaster Tools account. Over there, one can find the notifications from Google about the manual actions that have been taken against the site. Here there will be few alerts in case GoogleBot detected any issues.

For the recovery from the manual penalties, one shall have to submit a reconsideration request. It can take some time until one regains the position in the SERPs.

How Can One Refrain From Being Hit By A Google Penalty?

For this very purpose, one needs to continuously track their links and also the risk of being penalized. One can do so with the help of specialized tools that gives alert messages when something happens to the link profile.

(2) In Case The Site Got Outranked By Another Competitor, One Must Consider The Following Facts:-

How One Can Diagnose This Very Problem?

This is generally a slight drop in ranking. In this competitor’s site would outrank site and the other sites will be in the same positions as earlier.

 How One Can Identify A Competitor Has Outranked Their Site?

One should steadily analyze and monitor their competitor’s sites and their social profiles to better understand what do they like.

How to Fend Off-Site From Being Outranked By Another Competitor?

For this motive, one should keep a track of the doings of their main competitors. One needs to understand the link building strategies of its competitors for predicting their next moves.

  (3) In Case of Demotion of the Site Due to On-Page Issues, It Needs to See the Following Facts

 How to Find the Demotion is Due to an On-Page Issue or Not?

This is considered either as a big drop or the site cannot grow in rankings. It can be a sign of concern as the rankings start to fall slowly behind the other sites, even after one is putting the best efforts to create high-quality content and building links.

How One Can Identify and Solve an On-page Optimization Problem?

First of all, one needs to check their site in Google Webmaster Tools account and find if there are any problems there.

How to Avert the On-page Problems?

For this, one should always track their site in Google Webmaster Tools account and should enable the notifications sent to their email address. If one does this, the chances of falling as a victim of on-page issues will decrease drastically.


How One Can Identify And Solve Such Issue?

One has to check their site for their lost links in the last 90 days. If one finds that a lot of links have lost, this indicates the drop in ranking. For best results, one must check all those links individually. If the links were removed by webmasters on intention, this indicates to be a red flag to Google that the links were unnatural.

(5) There Can Be a Drop in Ranking, Due to Updates in Google’s Algorithm as Well. Let’s See What is Exactly

How Can One Identify a Google Update?

For this, one should constantly check the SEO news sites for the news which is related to a possible update in that particular time frame. And if there are any findings, one should apply those in their own site. One needs to identify what has changed in the algorithm and how their site might violate the Google guidelines.

How to Avert a Hit by a Google Update?

For this very purpose, the best way is to be as organic as possible. One should build their own brand and focus on their own community, product and technical issues related to their own site.

(6) Ranking Drops Caused Due to Google Flux. Here’s The Information for It

How to Recognize a Google Flux?

Usually, it’s a bit harder to spot as everything seems to be fine. Like there are

(a.) no linking issues,

(b.) no on-page issues,

(c.) no known update, and

(d.) no competitor issues.

How To Fend Off This Issue?

Wistfully, this is not under one’s control to get rid of it. So it’s better not to bulge head in trying to find the reason. These Google fluxes are quite normal for any site. And also if it is a flux, one will be back up in a few days. So just chill in this case!

These were a few of the problems related with SEO Ranking along with the solutions. And this helpful guide is always there to assist you all.

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