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Rainbow kiss: A Final guide to understand its Style and importance

What exactly is an actual rainbow kiss? What exactly is it? The first time you hear the word, you’re flooded with fascination. Now that you’ve perfected the famous French kiss but are you prepared for something more? If you’re looking for ways to increase the intensity of your hookups or have had enough from the old fling, you’re sure to be amazed by this particular type of kissing that’s not widely acquainted with. It’s called the rainbow kiss and has something to do with relate to menstrual cycles! Some even consider it offensive! This article will explain what the is and how you can do it, and what else you’ll need to know in order so that you can make the next experience more intense in this article.

How do you define rainbow kiss?

It’s a variant of snowballing. If a guy kisses women during their period, it’s called the rainbow kiss. While kissing, the woman is performing a blowjob or possibly in one of one of the positions. The couple kisses as the male ejaculates into the woman’s mouth, mixing semen with menstrual blood, and creating a rainbow using their mouths. There you are!

“A smile that is rainbow-colored can be a fantastic method for anyone to relish the cathartic moments of bliss that come with your orgasm. Make that your purpose,” says Velvet Co. co-founder Danyell Fima. In essence, it’s a unique celebration of your accomplishments in sexuality.

What can a rainbow kiss be performed?

The rainbow kiss as per certain sources, is an enjoyable incident that happens after a woman has her period when her partner is playing cunnilingus. But a bit of planning can go a long way to getting that crucial “rainbow kiss” color.

In particular, it seems important the two parties be ready and willing to put their semen and blood in their mouths when they conduct oral sex in preparation for that magical kiss, which could happen or not in the event that you’re not prepared.

“The concept is to have both of you to complete the procedure at exactly the same amount of time which means neither of you have to keep the blood or sperm inside your mouth for long enough,” Fima adds. You should become acquainted with your body and the person you are sharing it with.” Communication, timing and consent are essential aspects to think about prior to the time.

embed-name is the source for this information. On their site you may be able to find the same content with a slightly different layout or to get more details.

What is the best way to give a kiss of the rainbow?

To accomplish this, both of the participants should be experiencing oral sexual activity at the same time to ensure that the sexual act begins with one of the positions. It is also necessary to be in your period at the same time. One person will have blood in their mouths as they fall down and the other one will have semen in their mouths when the other partner is ejaculating. Following that, both couples will be able to kiss, creating the rainbow kiss.

If the act doesn’t involve both a penis as well as a vagina, then there’s alternatives to a rainbow kiss. Tanouye explains in which both parties are vaginal, they might be having their periods or one might be on their period, while one does not however both produce vaginal fluids that could be used to make the kiss.

If both partners are penises, then the action is possible. “[It could appear to betwo people sharing semen verbally during the following kiss,” Tanouye says.

Is rainbow kiss safe?

Tanouye states that the health risks of the rainbow kiss are similar to the risk of infection transmission that can be incurred from any sexual encounter that is unprotected. You can transmit HIV or herpes, gonorrhea, hepatitis as well as syphilis and Chlamydia. According to Tanouye the above conditions can be transmitted through bodily fluids in oral contact and could be amplified through contact with blood.

This is the reason you should only perform the rainbow kiss only with someone who you are comfortable or has recently completed testing for STDs or STIs. “STI screens must be completed by you as well as your partner. It’s likely not an ideal idea to play with someone who isn’t familiar or who you haven’t considered the issues “Tanouye provides tips. Marcantonio is also adamant about not flossing your teeth prior to engaging in this kind of sexual play. “When you floss your gums, they could bleed. It could provide entry areas that could lead to STIs.”

Marcantonio thinks that remaining honest and transparent with a person is vital, whether it’s a casual hookup or a relationship that lasts for a long time. “If the idea of a rainbow kiss makes sense after these conversations and you’re feeling confident, then do it.”

It’s safe to eat the rainbow, as long as of you have a mutual understanding and you take the appropriate steps.

What do I should know before I take the Rainbow kiss?

When performing any sexual activity with a new partner Hall recommends taking the appropriate precautions. “There is nothing wrong with giving or receiving oral sexual sex while you or your partner are menstruating, as long as both of you are at ease with it and have taken the appropriate precautions, like having a test on HIV as well as others STDs,” she says. If you are focused on clitoral stimulation, then you are able to perform cunnilingus while not coming in contact with blood.”

“Try performing the task using dark colored towels or sheets or with gloves that are non-latex or latex should there be finger-smashing going on,” she suggests for the prevention of any possible spillage. Do whatever will make you feel at ease and ready to go.

It’s completely up to you to decide whether or not to include the rainbow kiss into your sex-related repertoire. However, if it happens, you’ll be better ready!

What’s the potential risks associated with the rainbow kiss?

There are a variety of sexual activities which can provide a rush and yet carry a low chance of transmitting disease A rainbow kiss isn’t one of them.

Since you’re sharing not just blood but also sperm and other blood products, you need to be worried with more than STIs and HIV and hepatitis as one possibility to be considered. MSPH Rick Sowadsky specifically addresses the risks associated with blood exchanges on “The Body,”” an HIV/AIDS resource site in which he states that “if you consume blood of someone suffering from HIV or the hepatitis B or C as well as other bloodborne diseases (whether they’re showing symptoms or not) then you’d… put yourself at risk for these illnesses.”

It’s crucial to determine if you’re seeing symptoms or not. Someone might appear healthy, but suffering from these ailments present in their blood. Therefore, speaking about the results of previous tests and risks is an important part to the rainbow-colored kiss formula. “The greater the amount of blood that you drink and the more often you drink the blood of a person the higher the risk of getting sick,” Sowadsky continues.

In other words, it’s always wiser to be cautious instead of sorry. The risks you take are yours take and it’s fine to do that but it’s essential to treat your partner with the same transparency you expect from them. Before you start an ethereal kiss, make sure you are honest with your partners about your personal HIV and Hepatitis experience. If you conceal this information from your friends, they are denying them the chance to provide an informed consent this is something that nobody GGG or exploratory kinkster should ever do.

Even in informal environments, there are things that you can take to minimize the chance of getting hurt and ensure everyone is having a great time. Before you try an impromptu rainbow kiss, make sure that you’ve tested your partner. Test for any conditions that an ordinary STD clinic may not test for, such as HIV as well as Hepatitis B (HBV) as well as Hepatitis C, as it’s a certain method to get an infection that is blood-borne (HCV).

The Reasons Why Couples Test Rainbow Kisses?

Rainbow Kisses make up a brand-new trend that celebrates the sexual experience in all its beauty and complexity. It’s a safe alternative for two individuals to express affectionate love for one another. It’s a form of intimacy which encourages the bonding of two people. It allows couples to grow closereven though they’ve only had a few moments of contact. Rainbow kisses are an unforgettable feeling that could also be an expression of love for a lot of couples.

Outside of a handful of communities the practice of kissing rainbows isn’t widely known. This is why you shouldn’t do it in public areas such as parks and shopping centers. This subject might be unfamiliar for parents. In reality, the meaning behind the use of colors during foreplay could make them panic.

What Caused Rainbow Kiss Become So Popular on TikTok?

Following the Twitter shoutout regarding The TikTok’s Rainbow Kiss, The emotion has changed into something you’ll regret and be disgusted with. In the aftermath, many Tiktok users decided to film themselves and upload the video to the site for other users to take pleasure in. The videos became viral and it was apparent that everyone was eager to share their experience with the procedure. The one before watching. the one that was found after searching for the phrase. Some were grotesque and unintentionally funny, whereas others were hilarious and pertinent.

How do they create those Rainbow Kiss Tiktok reaction videos? Here’s how: Tik Tok users record the first half of their video normal, then tag it before looking to find Rainbow Kiss. The first portion of the video shows the users going about their daily routines, just being normal and enjoying their day. The second part is the actual recording after they search for rainbow kisses on the internet to find out what it is. They might be a bit agitated trying to control their emotions or all of the other things. In any case, in the past, video clips that include an #RoyalKiss hashtag Rainbow Kiss have been popular. It’s also interesting to see how different people react to this kissing ritual that is rated X.

Do you think a kiss from a rainbow is beneficial for your health?

Blood and male reproductive cells can contain harmful viruses that could result in HIV Syphilis, HIV, as well as other sexually transmitted diseases therefore a rainbow kiss is not the best option for you and your partner to do.

Hepatitis A and hepatitis B Hepatitis C Human papillomavirus (HPV) Herpes simplex virus HIV Syphilis Chlamydia, diarrhea dysentery and the gonorrhea… These are just a few of the health risks associated with a rainbow kiss, as per of Dr. Harvey Olufunmilayo. HPV can cause malignancies in the mouth and throat. It’s mainly responsible for the risks that come with oral contact, and menstrual blood.



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