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Pinterest Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Pinterest Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Of course, we are aware that the popularity of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is much more in comparison to Pinterest when it comes to capturing a brand’s attention. However, what is also undeniable is that on Pinterest, there are more than 442 million active users. Hence, Pinterest is indeed a very highly acclaimed social media platform, especially for small businesses.  

Here, through this guide, we will present some Pinterest marketing strategies that can help your business grow. 

Pinterest Marketing Strategies For Your Business

With Pinterest, it can get easier for you to market your business, primarily if you can produce engaging visual posts. Here are some strategies that can improve your chances of successful marketing of your business using Pinterest. 

Distribute The Content On Different Boards

If you have used Pinterest, you may know that the pins are saved on boards on Pinterest. So, you have the flexibility to organize the pins in any way you like. Jasmine, a frequent Pinterest user who offers ‘do my assignment help’ online, says that one of Pinterest’s most likable things is that there is no limit on the boards you can have on the account.

Well, yes! It means that you can organize the pins by content type, plans, ideas, theme, or any other method, which makes sense to your business. You can also call out other users to your shared board. This is, indeed, an excellent way to encourage engagement and collaboration.  

Employing Pinterest As A Medium For Education

Pinterest has many tutorials, how-tos, infographics, and links that present to you in-depth informational content. Since this is a visual platform, you can easily educate and connect customers by the medium of videos or graphics. When you prepare your Pinterest content, it is vital for you to know who your target audience is and what is the content type that works best for them, suggests Misha, who works with PaperDoers. 

Give Attention To The Visuals

Pinterest is a beautiful looking visual platform. Hence, the content that you share on your Pinterest needs to have some visual appeal, be it a video, an infographic, or an image. So, you need to ensure that the photos you share on your Pinterest are of superior quality. These images should complement your brand and help you accomplish your pin’s goal.  

Give Due Attention To Shopping Trends And Holidays

Pinterest and shopping are inseparable from each other. Thus, it is a great idea to plan the content around all the major holidays and shopping times. It is a great way to accentuate the engagement potential of your content. Sophie, a brand manager with TopAssignmentExperts,says that brands need to share seasonal and festive content on Pinterest, and it is best advised to do it at least a month in advance. The common trend is that search surges during the holidays. Hence, it would help if you took complete advantage of it. 

Pick The Suitable Categories For Your Business

When you set up your Pinterest account, you should select the proper categories under which your business falls. This, in a way, makes it easier for your potential customers or the users to search for your pins. Using Pinterest, the users can search for particular categories of their choice and get the pins related to them. Some of the popular categories that most users search for on Pinterest are wellness, health, beauty, and travel. 

Select Your Keywords Wisely

You can use the phrases and the keywords for boosting your organic traffic. If used right, the chances of your pins appearing in the user’s feed are more. 

For instance, if you own a beauty brand, some of the keywords that can help better your reach are makeup or skincare in the pins and profiles. You can add the keywords in the image alt text, profile and bio, board titles and descriptions, and pin descriptions. It would also help to employ Pinterest’s in-built keyword-targeting tool. This tool can help you know the keywords that your audience mostly searches for.   

Some Pinterest Metrics You Should Track

If you have a business account, one thought that may often come to your mind is which are the most vital metrics to track your business’ success. So, here are a few metrics that you can track.  


It is a metric, which gives you a measure of the number of times a user has saved your pin on their board. It is the metric, which enables new users to connect with your brand. Saves, also known as repins, are valuable indicators of your content’s engagement and should never be ignored. 


Impressions stand for the number of times a particular pin has been viewed, be it on the category feed, user’s feed, or search. The impression metric helps you see, which content type is most viewed by your audience, and which content performs the best with your audience, says Janet, an accounting assignment help expert at TFTH.


Link clicks is when a Pinterest user is redirected via the pin to a different location, say your blog post, website, or any other pin. If your marketing objective is to boost web traffic, this metric is vital.

Other Metrics to Track

  1. Top pins – Pins, which performed the best
  2. Audience affinity – Best performing category on your Pinterest
  3. Unique monthly users – Number of new users accessing your content every month compared to your dedicated repeat followers 
  4. All-time – Complete history of the metric from the start of the time 
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