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pCloud Review – Features & Pricing

pCloud Review

pCloud is a personal cloud space where you get to store all your folders and files. This has quite a user-friendly interface and you are easily able to understand where everything is stored and what they do. The software is also available and can be used in all platforms and devices. Once you install the pcloud on your computer, the app will be able to create a virtual drive.

Features of pCloud

The music player is the first thing that needs to be talked about and there are very few cloud storage providers that provide a music player worth talking about. If you want, you can also play the music files from within the web interface of the Pcloud or even the smart phone app. This music player comes with a number of features that you normally find in the music apps. These include album, playlists, artists etc. You also have the option of editing and creating the play lists. Here you also get the option of shuffling and also loop playlists or the albums. These features are also available in the smart phone apps and if you want, you can also download the music to your phone in case you are interested in listening to music. If you like playing videos, you can also play the videos either through the pcloud mobile apps or the web interface. In case the video that you want to play is not in the right format, then Pcloud will ensure that it is converted to the web format before it starts playing.

If you are planning to store the media collection with Pcloud, you might also be interested in its combination with Kodi which is one of the most popular media players. There is also an unofficial add on for Kodi available that will help you to download from the Pcloud collections directly. This makes it the best cloud storage for the Kodi streamers.

Here, you also get the option of downloading the converted files and then export them to some other place. You can do this by clicking on the “download converted” option. There is also no limit to the file size and therefore it beats the maximum file size of the dropbox which is 10GB.


Pcloud is quite reasonably priced and provides very good value for money. The pricing for Pcloud is given below:

  • Premium 500 GB storage
  1. One-time payment of $175
  2. One month plan with $4.99 per month
  3. $47.88 billed each year- Save 20%
  4. Lifetime Plan – $4.86 per month
  5. Monthly price to use it for three years
  • Premium Plus 2000 GB Storage
  • 1-month plan$ 9.99/ month
  • $95.88 billed every year – Save 20 %
  • Lifetime plan$ 9.72/ month
  • $350.00 one-time payment,
    Monthly price for 3 years of use
  • 1-year plan$ 7.99/ month
  • Business 1000 GB storage
  1. 1-month plan$ 9.99/ month
  2. Save 58 %
  3. 1-year plan$ 23.97/ month
  4. $287.64 billed every year

Free Trials

There is also an option where you can try the Pcloud account for absolutely free. Here you get up to 10GB of the free storage space. You will first start with 2 GB and then unlock the rest. If you verify the email address, upload the file or download both the smart phone apps and the desktop, you can earn an additional 5GB storage space. You will earn this 5GB storage space even if you turn the automatic phone upload on in your smart phone. If you successfully invite other people to join, you are able to earn an additional 3GB.


If you are interested to know more about the best alternatives to PCloud, you can go through the discussion below:

  • Google Drive

This uses Google A1 in order to predict and bring up things that are important in real time. It recognizes essential contents, events and collaborators. It also uses features like the ML based search enhancements and the Quick access. These help in connecting each of the users with files that might require special attention.

  • Own Cloud

This is an open platform and it ensures that there is much more productivity as well as security by collaborating digitally. If you share the files, you will also be able to become much more productive. This platform is easy to use, secure and also flexible.

  • Sugar Sync

This is again a secured tool that can be used for file sharing within a few seconds. You can view the documents, edit and view them. You can also sync as many devices as you want using Cloud. It supports both IOS and Android devices.

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Pcloud allows you to expand the storage space. The changes that you see in Pcloud will be visible on your computers, tablet or phone. The devices get synchronized immediately and there is a direct access to the updates that you make.

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