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New iPad Air Leak Reveals Unexpected Design Shift

New iPad Air Leak Reveals Unexpected Design Shift

Most of us have been waiting to check out the design of the upcoming new iPad Air design. This will also have a trusted internet connection. There has been a leak in Twitter and it is being suspected that this product will go for a total facelift and it will have specifications that resemble closely to iPad Pro which can well be considered to be the elder sibling. The images that are shared are also there in the iPad Air 4 instruction manual that is written in Spanish. This has a 10.8 inch tablet and it is smaller than the predictable 11 inch. It also confirms some previously leaked rumors and it also some surprises. Earlier in the year, it was also predicted that the images of the new iPad Air will also replace the USB connectivity and the lightening port. This is very similar to the iPad pro. This is an excellent news for the creative who are using the iPad apps for the designers as the tablet would be more versatile. This will be able to upload from a wide variety of devices including an external storage or a DSLR camera. This booklet also tries to depict an iPad air that has a thin bezel screen and also has a display ratio that is much larger in comparison to the previous models. This is a great news for the digital artists because it would have an extra canvas space.

The thing that has come up with a major shock is the fact that the iPad air that had featured in the pamphlet has a touch id in place of a Face id.  The touch ID is not there on the power button, but it is there at the side of the tablet. It is true that a Touch Id button on the side was there before as well, however, there has been no iPad with this design previously and this can certainly be considered to be a major change.

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