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New Age Education Approach in COVID 19 Era

This pandemic has hit us really bad. We cannot imagine picking up the old ways of teaching and learning. Our education system has been deeply partial in giving quality education to all the students nationwide. The problem of imparting unequal education has been there in the country for so long. There are various causes behind it like a flood, natural calamity, poverty, the rural-urban divide, etc.  

This pandemic has changed the overall meaning of school and education. It has brought a spark in the current education system. While some of the privileged schoolsare imparting quality education and some are focusing on building community teaching, a majority of other schools are still struggling to ensure ways of addressing ways to give education to students. 

Here is a list of activities that might help us in giving equal learning opportunities to all the students nationwide. Let’s have an insight into each one of them: 

End The Digital Divide:

Ever since this pandemic has hit us the digital divide of imparting education has increased significantly. The schools will reopen from next year or at the end of this year. So, some schools have adopted the virtual mode of teaching to help their students learn and study better. While some schools are reopened and have initiated distance learning with social distancing norms.

After school closing down so many students is left in darkness. The question of getting access to education for these students helps us understand the problem of equity quality education even more. Digital or virtual mode of teaching needs an array of things like a smartphone, laptop, or a computer with a stable internet connection and on top of it 24×7 access to electricity. India being a developing country still faces a lot of hindrances. Especially in the rural areas where there is no access to electricity, getting a laptop and an internet connection is of no use. 

Although the State Governments, Centre Government and Ministry of Human Resource Development are giving free access to the internet and online classes, not all the states are able to get that some of them are still struggling to find their ways. 

Strengthen Distance Learning: 

Online Learning does not only mean a good internet connection and a device but much more than that. Schools must put their best foot forward in delivering good quality education to their students. They should make their students ready for equipping a blended process of learning. Teachers and school management should do good research in finding innovative ways for teaching students through online mediums. To develop a student-oriented approach, creating a student-friendly environment in online classes where students can freely participate in classroom discussions. Teachers should teach students congestive strategies and reflective skills so that students can become independent learners. Different subjects and age groups demand different approaches. Finding an effective strategy can help students and teachers to go on this online learning effectively. 

Emphasizing Authentic Learning and Assessments:

The best schools in Faridabad have developedan approach that motivates students to engage in online classes and online assessments. Teachers should give them interesting topics and assessments that can help students evolve. Students should be allowed to explore the world and bring the best out of them. Like Dynasty International School in Faridabad has organized a number of online activities such as; online poetry recitation, virtual debates, online essay competitions, online cookery competitions and so many more. These online competitions gave students a platform to perform their hidden talents. This way they also got a break from their mundane online classes. Students learn to have critical thinking, and performance-based assessments sharpen their academic intellect. 

Ensuring Social and Emotional Learning Skill: 

The pandemic has affected people’s adversity. People find trouble in meeting two ends. On top of that, they also have the responsibility of keeping their children safe from coronavirus other than just providing good quality education. And this pandemic has drained the economy of the country. So many people are losing their jobs on an everyday basis which causes stress. Students of all the classes are going through a certain amount of stress and we as a society are failing to make them believe that this pandemic is about to get over. All the State Government and Centre Governments should make sure that these households are getting access to food, shelter, and education at such time. Schools should focus more on giving skills than giving education. 

Help Community Schools:

Once this pandemic gets over we should do our best to bring community schools one step forward. This pandemic has hugely affected students who study in community schools. They have missed a lot because of the infrastructure. Community schools should focus on a student-oriented approach. All welfare societies should contribute significantly to the betterment of the situation. They should involve students and their families for birthday celebrations, feed students on a daily basis, give access to a plethora of books to them, and much more.  

Sustain Early Childhood Education Plans:

Schools are developing a system for tiny tots. In this time of coronavirus, parents are finding it hard to nurture their children alone. Therefore, playschools are trying to give a nurturing environment to children. Schools should give early childhood education reports to parents. This way parents will know how to structure their child’s education. Many schools are also providing daycare shelter to young aspirants. 
According to researchers, early childhood lives determine the later school life in a child’s life. This is why parents give so much attention to their kids when they go to playschool.

As our economy is going to face a setback due to this COVID 19. It will give the equitable learning opportunities to all the students rather than giving equal opportunities. Also, we should try to bridge the gap between quality education. We should focus on giving opportunities to all the students. Giving opportunities only to a handful of students will not do justice to all the students. So, let’s develop a system wherein all the students get empowered.  

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