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LG Wing – The Company’s New Twisty Dual Display Phone – Just Leaked In Real Life

LG Wing - The Company's New Twisty Dual Display Phone – Just Leaked In Real Life

Dual screens and the foldable phones are the future of smart phones and the smart phone manufactures are greatly relying on these two features. The LG wing can certainly be considered to be one of the best having the strangest design that we have ever come across. The Android Authority has come up with a short video that shows the new LG device that is codenamed wing. The phone has a display of 6.8 inches and there is also a 4 inch flip out screen that is much smaller . Both of these are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G. This video will help you understand how the phone will work in the real world. But the thing that is not clear from the video is how the flip out display will be oriented on both sides of the phone or whether it will reside within the display. It might also simply fold around the back of your phone but this would look pretty awkward. But atleast the display will not have a noticeable crease similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. None of the displays come with a camera. So we can well conclude from this that the LG wing is still in progress. If the device finally comes to the retail market, we will see a punch hole camera included in it.

The idea of dual screen is not something new. The company has been playing with the idea of dual screen since the time it launched LG V10 in 2015.The dual displays have become highly popular in the last 12 months first with the LG V50 ThinQ and then the LG G8X. The LG Velvet and the LG V60 do have the ability to connect to the second display and have the same size as that of the phone. The video of this phone provides you with the best case usage scenario. There are different options where these dual screens can handle different functions and apps.

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