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LG Teases Dual Screen Smartphone to Launch On 14 September

LG Teases Dual Screen Smartphone

On Wednesday, LG announced the launch of the explorer project that is aimed to bring new smart phones with distinctive as well as unexplored usability experiences. The first model that will be under the new line up will debut as early as 14th September. The company said this and also released a teaser video. The video suggests that it will have a handset with a dual screen and a rotating experience. This also hints at the rumored “wing” phone that is believed to debut in the second half of the year. It is also being said that LG will be aiming to expand the current user experience and will focus mainly on the usability.

This is a 30 year old video that was released by LG on the global YouTube channel. It suggests the dual screen phone moving clockwise in order to form a design of T. This form factor will be leaked in a video in the last week. This phone has very much been a part of the rumor mill as the LG wing from the month of May of this year. There has been no specific details provided by LG as of now apart from the virtual launch that will take place through the social media platforms on September 14th.

LG also said that this new smart phone will be a part of the explorer project and the company is working with partners like Tubi, Rave, Ficto, Qualcomm and Naver to develop the features for the new form factor. LG and the platform partners feel it is important to demonstrate to the consumers new and different user experiences in the smart phone space. LG may unveil the wing phone with the most premium price tag of around $1000 which will be roughly Rs. 1000. This is also believed to have certain specifications similar to the LG velvet.

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