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Lenovo Introduces Yoga 9i Flagship Convertible Laptop With Huge Trackpad

Lenovo Yoga 9i

Finding yourself completely lost in the sea of laptops is quite normal because most of them look similar to each other. But the Lenovo Yoga 9i is quite different. This is a top specific laptop having an edge to edge traditional track pad. This model is the newer version of the Lenovo Yoga laptop that was launched in 2019. Other than the Yoga 9i, there is also a yoga slim that is capable of removing the convertible feature set. This means that there is no 360 degree hinge, it simply keeps the yoga name. The simplification of the name has therefore not been able to make everything clear. This is a laptop that is free from optional leather on the aluminum and has some of the best specifications. It is for this reason that this laptop is visually distinct. Therefore, even the laptops with large track pads will not be able to provide as much usable space as this.

Lenovo’s design means nothing more than physical depression and so there is no real click on it. There is a heptic motor present under the glass and this gives the feel of a real click. Just as some flagship phones of 2020 this laptop also has a surface with coating and this helps in negating unsightly smears. Whether this will work or not is still a question because the phones that have these features cannot be considered to be the best. The soundbar hinge was present in the C940 Lenovo and this used to deliver the best sound irrespective of the position of the screen of the laptop. This laptop has a large sound tunnel and the speaker is also very well placed and this provides very good results. This also has a two-segment curved dome design that prevents the keys from bottoming out.

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