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Know About The Top 7 Freelancing Websites of 2020

Top 7 Freelancing Websites To Find Work in 2020

Working as a freelancer might seem quite attractive to the others, however, finding work can be quite an exhausting task. It is for this reason that there are some freelancing websites available that will help you to get work. Freelancing websites are those websites where both the freelancers looking for work and the employers looking to get the work done post their requirements. Freelancing is an excellent way that will help you to earn from your hobby or your talent. Here you will get the option to opt for only those projects that you like. These websites help you to provide a solid start to your career. These websites help you to get your first client and get on board quickly. Your skills get continuously sharpened once you start taking up different types of projects. Finally, your portfolio will surely grow and you will get a number of job offers.

This Is How The Freelancing Websites Work

There are three different ways in which a freelancing website works and you can go through the points mentioned below to get the better understanding of the same:

  • The profiles of the freelance workers are first searched and filtered. The candidates then get invited by the employers to work on the job.
  • Employers post jobs and then wait for the freelancers to get in touch with them.
  • The recruiter will match the job they are providing with that of the pre-screened applicants.

If you are interested to know about some of the best freelancing websites, you can go through the discussion below:

·         Upwork

Upwork is considered to be one of the best and the largest freelancing market places. Here you come across a number of different projects. You simply have to name an expertise and you will surely get projects on it on this website. Other than a wide variety of technology, you will also come across big projects and entry level projects. There are high level projects offering a high payment available for the expert freelancers as well.

·         Fiverr

This is again a different kind of a freelancing website. Freelancers have to post what service they can offer for $5, and the clients will search them and order. But that does not mean that you will have to offer everything for $5, you can have some additional perks  and get a higher price. Fiverr also charges lesser than Upwork and for every $5, Fiverr charges $4 or 20% of the gig.


Initially the name of was GetAFreelancer. This website had acquired a number of freelancing websites like VWorker, Scriptlance etc. This is a huge market place and comes second after Upwork. They have more than 4 million clients on their home page. There are also millions of freelancer quotes as there are many small businesses using their service.

·         Publoft

This is another specialist website for the freelance writers.  If you are a freelancer who is mainly specializing in content marketing, then this is the ideal website for you. This website helps the freelancers to get enough work and ensures that they concentrate more on completing the work rather than continuously looking for new job offers. This website also helps the freelancers to manage their clients and also balancing the work load. The best thing about this particular website is that the more freelancers work for this website, the higher they get paid. This platform pays the freelancers bi-weekly for the services they provide and they also charge a monthly fee for the same.

·         99 Designs

This is a platform that hosts the freelancers who are looking to provide design services. This is a website that sees new designs every 2 seconds. It features works of freelancers in the website in more than 90 categories. Therefore people who are experts in creating logos, websites, book covers and other things will be able to find work here. It also has a collaboration element. The freelancers can either work on a one to one basis or they can collaborate with an entire community to share their projects and also share their budget.

·         Paperell

This is a specialist website for the academic freelancers. This is a website that will ensure that you get paid for your talents. The people can simply upload their writing work requests and get in touch with the freelancers within just a few minutes. The freelancers are given certain profiles on the website and these show the stats that has the preferred field of expertise, number of pages and education history. It will also have the number of years of the writing experience that the freelancers have and the ratings the previous customers have given. If you are a freelancer and want to get work, you will have to pass a formatting and a grammar test.

·         Solidgigs

This is also another freelancer website that contains training resources. This is one of the best freelancing websites for the information freelancers. The freelancers here are able to find the top-tier opportunities and they do it using two nifty tools. There is a weekly gig, courses and tools section.

If you are planning to start freelancing work, you can certainly get yourself registered in one of the above mentioned websites. It will help you to earn and also build a successful career for yourself.

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