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Is the New House in a Cellular Dead Zone?

Ideas to Boost Cellular Network in Your House

House-chasing is energizing and overwhelming, however, it tends to be a tiring procedure. There are many factors to consider when it comes to buying a new house. It could be divided into external and internal. The former are picking the area, neighbourhood and connectivity to shopping malls, school and workplace. The internal are the interior, storage space, rooms and their decorations. Sometimes structural planning also needs to be done. Finally the shifting and setting process! It’s a lot of work from the start to finish. These are the main concerns when buying a new house. Getting cell phone reception is far from the mind to consider. On the off chance that the fantasy home ends up being in a dead zone, the best option is to boost switch the service provider or find ways to uplift the signal on the current service. It’s unfair to choose another house for this reason. Let not bad reception take away the new house!

Nobody wants to buy a house that has everything one dreamed of, the perfect location, all the amenities, wonderful space and gets bad reception. There are factors when considering switching the service provider. It is frustrating when it’s the house where communication seems impossible. It is one place where a person spends most of the time after office. Staying in touch with friends and family is important. 

Find The Service Provider

Sometimes it’s the very house’s material that causes obstruction of signals. Concrete, metal or steel hinder the signals path to reach the device. To combat this problem, it’s best to ask around from the dealer or the neighbours. They would suggest the best service providers in the area. There could be multiple choices or just one. Look for the one that provides 4G coverage. It would solve the problem.

After finding the best carrier, make a list of the plans they offer to save money. Narrow it down in terms of pricing and speed and data.

Porting The Number

This seems like a feasible option available. When changing to another network provider, it only makes sense to carry the old number with you. It is legally necessary to port the number to the new supplier. Earlier it wasn’t like this and when shifting to another place. One had to change the number leading to difficulties.

In the event that exchanging service providers isn’t a choice or can’t locate a phone supplier that offers great assistance in the new home, some specialized fixes are accessible that can assist with managing awful network connectivity. Consider these two likely answers for awful service. 


Called a little cell or system extender—works like a smaller than expected phone tower in the house. It courses every one of the calls over the web. It will require broadband and the capacity to interface the femtocell to the router. There is one downside on how it functions. Femtocells work explicitly on the network. If the service provider of other family members is different, then it won’t work for them. They will be stuck in the dead zone. 

Mobile Signal Booster

If the house receives decent signals in some parts of the area. It’s better to get a 4G mobile signal booster for home. It works by amplifying the phone signal from a decent area and re-broadcasting it to the zone. Moreover, these are independent of the carrier providers and support all. 

Benefits Of Mobile Signal Boosters

Strong Signals: The best part about the mobile signal booster is that even when living in a remote area. There would be no signal problem and say goodbye to dropped calls or voice breakage.

Browsing: With everything available online. It is the main source of information and knowledge. The consumption rate has multiplied over the years. With 4G internet, the speed has increased and facilitated browsing. Since the dependency is inclined towards online and needs uninterrupted network services. Binging on streaming sites would be easier as there is no interruption in the network. Moreover, it’s compatible with all the networks unlike Femtocell making it more sellable.

Battery Life: It’s one of the major concerns about cell phone owners. With the passage of time, the battery life of mobile phones starts getting drained. It could be due to another reason as well such as the person dropped the phone and broke the screen, water seeped into it. If not because of these reasons then the android models battery life isn’t as strong as the iPhone. 

With stronger signals, the device would consume less power facilitating receiving and sending. This could be one of the reasons for battery drainage. It ensures the longevity of smartphones. What more one could ask for? 

In India, there are many densely populated areas and the cellular towers are designed to handle the load but sometimes due to heavy rainfall or some technical glitch signals can be disrupted. It’s not only due rainfall but other weather conditions such as storms and fog. The booster would ensure safety in such crucial times as well. In times of emergency, it is the mobile phone that can save the situation. There are many notable brands in the market offering these mobile signal boosters. However, the demand is rising in the populous cities such as Noida, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Uncertain times call for desperate action. This year has been full of unexpected things happening in the world. With Coronavirus taking over the world, people have never been more scared to stay in touch with their friends and family. Due to cheap smartphones and low cost of the internet, these have managed to reach wider audiences and experts have projected it will increase by 20%. With time, more and more people are getting under its cover. Mobile phones have been an indispensable part of lives and at the time of crisis getting strong signals is of utmost importance. Therefore, it’s best not to give up the new house due to bad reception. 

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