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iPhone 12 Price Hike? A Report Says It Could Happen

iPhone 12 Price Increase? A Report Says it Could Happen - Tech Geeks World

When you go to pick up a new iPhone 12, you will find that there are a number of new features that it has come up with. This phone has a number of advanced features starting from the improved cameras to 5G connectivity. There will also be a big tag and this is what the TrendForce analysts are arguing about. The new report that has been released on the state of the smart phone also predicts the prices of the new iphone 12 prices. The forecast says that the iPhone 12 models cost anything between $50 and $100 more that the 11 iPhone counter parts. As per the reports of TrendForce, the prices of the iPhones could start from anything between $699 and $749 for the iPhone 12 with 5.4 inch display and somewhere between $849 and $799 for the 6.1 inch  iPhone 12 Max. Initially, you might feel that the prices of iPhone 12 will go up post the release of 1Phone 12.

The four new models of iPhone 12 will feature a total of 5G modems and both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Max will also feature the OLED panels instead of the regular LCD screens that is there in the iPhone 11. In both the cases, Apple would add some expensive components to the phones. The TrendForce report is one of the rare reports that reported the price hike of these phones. In the  beginning of summer this year, it was reported that the 5.4 inch model of the iPhone 12 will cost $50 more than the iPhone 11. Apple has not yet given any hints regarding the prices of the iPhone 12 price plans. But one thing that you can be sure about before the launch of the iPhone 12 is that it will have much more barebones box than it would originally have.

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