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Integrating Google Docs With WordPress

Integrating Google Docs With Wordpress

Most of you love Word Press. But it can sometimes be frustrating when it does not work well with other platforms. Bloggers and owners often have to deal with content for their websites regularly. In most scenarios, this is done through Google Docs. This is because, through this, it is quite easy for people to share their drafts and then collaborate for free. But when you have to move from Google docs to Word Press, it might become extremely messy. As a result, a lot of your formatting is broken or is lost. As a result, it becomes a nightmare for the Word Press Publisher.

The issue with WordPress and Google Docs

When we talk about online document sharing, then Google docs is probably the first name that would come to our mind. You can also edit Google docs. The only competitor that Google docs have is Microsoft Office 365. If you see the trends for Google Docs you will see that for the last 12 years interest in the Google docs has increased steadily. You will be able to use Google Docs free of cost. It is for this reason that it has become such a popular tool among bloggers, writers, and content creators.

Tips that will help you to integrate Google Docs and Word Press

  • You will first have to get Jetpack installed and then configured for your website

Jetpack is a free plugin. You can get it installed directly from Once this gets activated, you get a prompt from to connect. After that, you will have to click and then get connected to the button. In case you do not have a account, then you must create the account immediately. In case, you already have an account then, it will either show that you are already logged in or it will ask you to log in. You will then have to grant jetpack access to the site. Jetpack will then try to convince you to opt for a paid plan. But then, to import WordPress from Google Docs you will not need a paid plan. Therefore, here you will have to choose the option, “Select Free”. Jetpack is now selected. You can now move to the next step.

  • You will now have to authorize and install the add on for Google Docs

You will first have to install the from the Google Docs add on and then authenticate the add on to access the account that you have. In the next step, you will have to choose those sites that are connected to the and on which you want to enable the feature. You will have to complete several authentication steps, however, none of these steps are complicated. You will have to follow the steps given below:

  1. You will first have to go to WordPress from Google Docs add on
  2. You will then have to install Google Docs in it. To do this you will have to click the + Free button.
  3. Google will open the Google Docs window immediately
  4. You will simply have to click on Continue to give the permission to run.
  5. After this, you will have to click on Continue 
  6. A standard permission box will pop up
  7. To give additional permission to Word, you will have to click on Allow
  8. You will have to provide authorization to the to use the WordPress site
  • Provide an add on access to the WordPress

To do this, you will have to first launch it from inside the Google Docs. To do this, you will first have to click on the Add ones, then go to the for the Google Docs and then click on Open. You will see that a WordPress window will pop up in front of you. Here, you will have to click on the “authorize” tab. You will now come across the window. This will ask you to provide access to one of the sites that are connected by Jetpack. You will first have to select the site that you would be interested to connect with Google Docs. You will then have to click on Approve. You will have to log in and then there is another step for authorization.

Following the steps mentioned above will certainly help you to get Word Press and Google Docs integrated most efficiently.

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