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Industrial Heat Exchangers: What Are They?

Industrial Heat Exchangers_ What Are They

Heat exchangers are considered as one of the most used and most important devices in most industrial facilities. Industries like pharmaceutical and food and beverage production need some kinds of temperature regulation, which can be provided by heat exchangers. A  heat exchanger manufacturer develops this type of equipment for cooling and heating. 

There are different types of functions that heat exchangers can do for every enterprise that installed it in their manufacturing facilities. To further understand what a heat exchanger is and how it helps in the operation of various industries, here are several details that you need to know:

What Industrial Heat Exchangers Do?

The industrial heat exchangers are a type of industrial equipment designed to transfer or exchange heat from one property to a different one. The most important purpose of the heat exchanger is to heat some elements or to cool it down. When used in the industrial sector, the cooling function of this equipment is more utilised since it can help in preventing other mechanical equipment or explosive properties from overheating. 

There are different types of heat exchangers. All of these come with their different benefits and drawbacks. You only need to find the right equipment to suit your specific industry. 

Why Do You Need Heat Exchangers?

There are plenty of uses for industrial heat exchangers. They are needed to keep air air-conditioning systems like coolers and heaters functioning properly. Various industries also use them for specific functions. For example, food and beverage manufacturers use various forms of heat exchangers for milk and cheese pasteurisation, extremely high-temperature sterilisation, pasteurisation of beverages like juice or energy drink, and beer heating and cooling.

Heat exchangers are also vital in pharmaceutical productions. It is used to keep oral medicines and intravenous vaccines sterile and properly refrigerated. These devices are also helpful in sanitising medical equipment and in keeping cosmetics safe and concealed from contamination.  

How Do These Devices Work?

There are different types of heat exchangers made for different functions in the market. They work in a wide variety of ways and utilise different types of flow arrangements. However, all these products have the same function, which is to provide direct or indirect exposure to heat or cold elements, then convert it according to the required temperature. 

How Do You Classify Heat Exchangers?

There are four metrics used to classify heat exchangers, including: 

  • Structure of the heat exchange process
  • The physical condition of the fluids
  • The flow arrangement of the heat exchanger
  • The overall design and build of the device

What Is The Flow Configuration Of Heat Exchangers?

Also called the flow management, heat exchanger’s flow configuration talks about the general direction of fluid movement within the device. There are four major flow configurations, including: 

  • Concurrent Flow – where the movement of the fluids are parallel and in a similar direction. 
  • Countercurrent Flow – where fluids move parallel but completely different directions.
  • Cross Flow – where fluids move perpendicularly to each other.
  • Hybrid Flow – where characteristics of the first three movements are observed.

Investing in heat exchangers in any industry is a must to have a smooth-flowing operation. You only need to look for the right type of heat exchanger that will provide the best solutions for your manufacturing and operational needs. While finding heat exchangers for you, be peculiar with your needs and opt for the best-suited ones from a trusted heat exchanger manufacturer.

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