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Increasing Demand of e-Learning during Covid-19 Lockdown

Increasing Demand of e-Learning during Covid-19 Lockdown

E-learning plays an important role in the advancement of students in the present time of advanced technology and the digitalisation age.

E-learning crosses regional boundaries providing an opportunity to learn from home comfort. It was found that modern methods of learning were expensive compared with traditional learning, so not everybody could afford it. It offers students from all over the world the opportunity to learn information from their chosen choice. By attending classes many still prefer the old way of learning. There’s been a change from traditional schooling to e-learning approaches over the last few years.

The list is given below:

Lack of Motivation

The learners might not be enthusiastic about learning the course. This stems out of a lack of motivation. To overcome this problem, it is up to the subject matter expert to make the course engaging. Using visuals, graphs and interactive sessions would imbibe the students’ interests. The art of making boring topics interesting would also help in the engagement.

No Support

There was a general misconception that e-learning offers no support and this is one of the reasons why students are skeptical from enrolling online. The thought of e-learning is irrelevant and it took its time to gain the confidence of the learners.

Inefficient in Technology

Not all learners have the latest gadgets to be tech-savvy. This perception also stops learners from pursuing online courses. This is a challenge for online courses to tackle. However, with time and easy to navigate applications, this has improved.

No Value in E-Learning

In some cases, students can’t see the worth or advantage of the eLearning courses. They are unable to comprehend how an online course can support them in reality. Again, to overcome this challenge the teacher/course coordinator needs to show the course plan in the demo and even articulate with a presentation what they will gain from the course and how it will benefit them in real life. One of the other ways they can find value is by getting e-learning certificate programs.  A certificate validates that the person has completed a certain course and is ready to pave their way with the knowledge.

Having said that, the effect of above-mentioned roadblocks has lessened recently and there has been a change.

The Turning Point

Through 2020, the transition from old to new learning strategies was slow. No-one thought a pandemic would take over the world and change the way things usually work. The virus is extremely transmissible, and is quickly spreading. The government imposed a lockdown to curb its scope which did not go as planned because of this fact. The lockout shut the corporation’s door, which drives employees from home to work. Tuition centers have also been closed for various competitive tests. Examinations have been postponed in India and competitive examinations have been delayed and several students have been stranded.

Until the government relaxed the restrictions, no action took place. The lock-down will improve student e-learning. There has been a increase in online registrations with free time at home.


This has changed the world since the internet was introduced. Students can connect to the internet through zoom and gain information online. It has once again been demonstrated by several coaching institutes who now offer online courses. In India internet usage in the last few years has risen exponentially, thanks to smartphone availability at cheaper rates. Anything from IIT online classes to online coaching security courses, students can find. Countless materials are available for self-education and different courses. The Internet is a source of information open to everyone.

Nevertheless, the online courses taught by experts will be very helpful when it comes to training for competitive examinations such as IIT, SSC, medical and UPSSC. Let’s examine the main issues of how beneficial e-learning is.

Learn from the Experts

For students with years of experience to learn from experts, this is an excellent opportunity. It’ll be worth learning from them. Hundreds of companies and scholars have expertise based on their experience. With a reason, they have spent years improving their abilities. They are considered experts.

Understanding the Need

Some people may be skeptical about the way e-learning is conducted. Coaching centers have established a clear strategy. Practical tasks are given online, assessments are carried out and e-notes are given. It is not shocking that e-learning brings education to the next level. The education will take a step higher.


Students may breathe far less than their traditional counterparts when online courses cost. Moreover, as long as in the learning period, they do not have to think about economic insults in comparison to work loss and wage cuts, they don’t have to think.

Since online learning is the main viable alternative, a change is not too far away. Even after troubled conditions have passed, students can adhere to online e-learning. Internet learning is, without any doubt, an essential part of the modern ordinary. This is a fresh exploration technique that has been accumulating energy reliably for a while and is in long run through its vibes.

Despite the competitive environment, students not only develop their skills, but also work professionals try to expand their portfolio. Around this time, we could turn our lives around and take the direction we have put off due to a lack of time.

The education sector in India has thousands of crores and analysts agree that the growth in future years will be multifaceted. All students and skilled staff should develop their e-learning skills. There are a wide variety of online training programs and the best online courses in any sector are easy to find.

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