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Hydragun Vs Theragun Massage Gun Review and Comparison

Hydragun Vs Theragun Massage
Hydragun Vs Theragun Massage

Massage guns have been the buzziest recovery devices since the first one was created in 2008. And why wouldn’t they be? A massage gun is portable, easy to use and quite effective at relieving muscle soreness and pain. And we have all seen and read enough reviews online to know that these devices can be used by athletes and non-athletes alike.

Not all massage guns are made the same 

While there’s no denying that using these massagers has many physical benefits, not all of them are made the same. And there are so many massage guns being sold today, right? You only need to go on Instagram to see ads and posts about different massage gun brands.

But one new brand in particular has been making waves among fitness enthusiasts and pro athletes. Hydragun, having launched in Australia in October last year, has quickly become a favorite in the fitness recovery scene. So naturally, we had to try this device out and compared it to our Theragun PRO – considered the gold standard of massage guns.

Hydragun Vs Theragun massage gun review

So, how does Hydragun stack up against Theragun PRO? Read on to find out.

Carry Case

Both brands provide a carry case with your order. Theragun’s carry case looks like this:

On the other hand, this is how HYDRAGUN’s carry case looks on the outside (left) and opened (right):

Carry Case Verdict 

HYDRAGUN wins this round.

We appreciate that both brands include a carry case for the device when you buy a kit. But the whole point of having a carry case is convenience. And for its price, Theragun folks should have come up with a bag that holds more than just the device.

The fact that Hydragun’s carry case has a place for not just the gun, but all of its accessories and massage head attachments make storage and transport easier and more convenient. You don’t have to worry about misplacing the charger and the massage gun heads because everything fits in one bag.

Gun Design

We have always loved the look of Theragun. The design concept that deviates from what other brands are doing truly set them apart. And the way the massage arm can be angled to get to those hard-to-reach areas is thoughtful, in our opinion.

We also liked the LED screen that tells you the gun is powered on, and what speed settings you’re at and the battery level. We’re a bit turned off with Theragun’s weight though, and how easily our hands got tired from all that vibration when we’re using it.

HYDRAGUN on the other hand is minimalistic and well – looks like a drill. There’s nothing wrong with the minimalistic, sleek design approach of course, it’s just that for us the design isn’t striking enough. We’d have to say though that we like how lightweight it is compared to the Theragun, which is surprising because the device is powerful – but more on this part later. 

We also liked the silicone handle and how the vibration from the motor doesn’t transfer so much to the handle. The device has a comfortable grip, and we appreciate that. However, we didn’t think we’re turning on the device correctly half the time. This is because the power indicator is completely covered by our thumb.

Gun Design Verdict 

Theragun PRO wins. 

Theragun PRO’s unique aesthetic and the angled massage arms make it a winner for us in the design aspect. It doesn’t look and feel like most massage guns in the market and we liked the straightforward LED interface.

Massage Experience

Theragun PRO – Delivered really deep massages. The angled massage arm did help in easing muscle tightness, particularly in the lower back area. What we didn’t like so much is the speed increase isn’t gradual. It starts out strong and if you’re someone that does not like hard massages so much, this may not be the device for you.

Although Theragun PRO is supposed to be 55% quieter than its earlier models, it is still a bit too loud for comfort. This takes away a bit of the relaxing massage experience and obviously, it’d be embarrassing to use it in a gym because this new model is still pretty dang loud.

HYDRAGUN – Delivered a decent quality massage, which we appreciated. This device has 6 speed settings so we liked the gradual increase of massage intensity. We started with a gentle massage and worked our way up to the highest level. Although we’d like to note that personally, we weren’t comfortable going higher than level 3 speed. 

We were pleasantly surprised at how QUIET this massage gun is. At level 1, if it weren’t vibrating you wouldn’t think it was turned on at all. The only time it emitted noise – still not bothersome, by the way – was when we got to speed level 5. 

Massage Experience Verdict 

Hydragun wins.

For us, the gradual increase of speed and intensity works for more people. Not everyone likes a hard massage and Theragun goes from 0 – 100 real quick. With Hydragun, we had more speed setting choices and we were able to get a more personalized massage experience.

Major points for how quiet Hydragun is. It’s by far the quietest massager we have tried and not a lot of massage gun brands – even the biggest names in the scene – have achieved this level of quietness. We were truly, pleasantly surprised.


Theragun PRO no doubt has its fans and the brand does have the bragging rights as being the first in the industry. But we’d have to say, the new- kid-on-the-block Hydragun is giving the massage gun granddaddy a serious run for its money. 

Theragun PRO retails at 899 AUD, making it the premier massage gun brand. And if you’re one who appreciates unique design and loves really hard massages, then this brand would definitely work for you.

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Hydragun on the other hand retails at 399 AUD (yes, a cool 500 AUD less than Theragun PRO). While not as “punchy” as Theragun PRO – it DID provide an enjoyable massage. The gradual increase in speed and intensity levels make this an ideal massager for more people. And it was SO quiet, which added to the overall positive massage experience. 

When it comes to choosing a massage gun Australia clearly has several brands you can choose from. But after trying out Hydragun, we can say that this brand certainly deserves your attention. 

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