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HR Leaders on Being Human in the Current Crisis

HR Leaders on Being Human in the Current Crisis

The pandemic has hit the economies around the globe in a way none of the nations was prepared for. While initially, companies chose to operate from home, for some it turned out to be a success and for some due to the nature of work it wasn’t really possible. But one thing that this crisis situation revealed was the true character and ethos of the company. Being human and thinking of company and its employees as one was the need of the time and it is continuing to be so. Even after the Unlockdown announcement in India, companies and commoners are not stepping out of the house much. While some companies have been continuing to be humane, there are some that chose to lay off their people.

As per some of the leading HRs in the current crisis, the need is to follow a uniform approach, put people first and keep readjusting and reimagining their norms to ultimately be more agile, create resilience for both, their business and people. Not being humane enough should be avoided at all costs.

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This time of adversity made every HR look at business and people through a different lens. So, we did talk to some of the HR leaders on the subject and in the points below, we share the changes they made and the suggestions they have for other HRs and employers. HR software in India did play a great role in keeping the functions streamlines and workforce engaged and connected but there is still a lot more to learn and unlearn in this absolutely unprecedented time. Take a look!

On Employee Experience-

Employee experience is of utmost importance now, more than it ever has been. The employees are working from different geographical locations and even if they are coming to office due to social distancing, not all the members of the team or organisation are getting to talk to or meet each other in person. This is definitely a hindrance and adding up to the same is the fact that more than 52% of employers admitted in a survey by people matters that their HR team doesn’t possess the required skills to foster a great employee experience.

In this situation, the HRs must understand that experience for employees is as important as it is for customers. So, now they must use the time to upskill in terms of technicality and soft skills. The time when HRIS software in India or elsewhere used to be enough are passe.

On Workforce Mental Health-

One of the HR leaders very rightly quoted that the pandemic besides being a health and economic crisis is also transforming into a psychological crisis. Confined to four walls and social life being cut to zero is affecting even the introverts. The mental health for many people including your employees is worsening and so HRs must accelerate the workplace transformation.

Now, they need to think more about the expectations of all, like, leadership expectations, workplace culture, tools except HRIS software in India that are necessary now for business and engagement to thrive. As all this will together help in forming the people related changes and taking care of their safety and wellbeing.

On Reassuring Employees Of Your Support-

Till the time something is not communicated, it is not known. Especially, in a time like this, employees need to be assured and reassured of your support. While intentionally or unintentionally employers are HR are now more connected via technology, this might not be obvious to your workforce that you are available and following a digital open-door policy if you haven’t informed them about this. To make the earlier open door and now digital open-door policy gain the momentum, you must try to bridge the gap to establish and nurture rapport as an employer with your people!

On Putting People First-

The crisis should not be seen as a threat so big that overlooking the employees’ safety or interests start to seem like the best thing to do. The way to navigate any conundrum should be done keeping people first. A midway should be resorted to so that both the business and the employees do not suffer. For instance, if digital workspaces are set using other tools including HRIS software in India then they have a high potential of turning into intelligent and smart ways to move forward. Likewise, when it comes to cost-cutting the expenses that can be cut should be spotted and the salary of employees should not be the first thing you set your eyes on to save money.

Clearly, business sustainability and wellbeing and safety on employees have become synonymous to the priorities of every organisation now. So, everything must be done keeping these current meanings of priorities in mind and putting employees’ interest first!

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