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How to Know That Your Employee is Planning to Quit?

Employee Monitoring App

Every employer knows how difficult it is to create a team. Before that, they have to first go through the hiring phase. Well, if you are an employer who is even working in the HR capacity of your business, then you are aware of the troubles that the entire process has. Along with that, the cost of hiring an employee is too much. As per a report, organizations have to spend at least an amount equaling a month’s salary of the employee to hire one.

Well, hiring is not the only chore that HR has to perform. The HR cost even adds to the training expenses. Whether a fresh graduate is appointed or an experienced fella joins in, everyone requires some sort of training.

The fresh guys need to learn everything in the organization, and the experienced guys need to know some basic and operational history of the organization. Indeed, the training amount adds to the appointment expense, since it is associated with the training of the new employee.

At the end of the day when the employers learn that an employee has quit the organization that will put them in the same appointment cycle troubles.

The global turnover ratio may not bother you at all. Since the global turnover ratio is around 11% annually that means 1 to 2 out of to 10 employees leave a job every year. However, every industry has a different scenario. The food industry has the worst condition with an almost 75% turnover ratio. Comparatively, sales organizations have a turnover ratio between 34 and 55%. Well, that is indeed worst, as sales organizations have to spend more time training an employee leveraging to a hefty expense.

What Employers Should Do?

Although there are numerous business management and HR software available to engage the business operations. But none of them is capable enough to tell the employers or the HR managers that someone is secretly planning to quit a job. Indeed, organizations cannot afford to lose their teams.

The growing competition and rapid transformation in the business world are surely improving business lifecycle. Perhaps, in the due course, the turnover ratio is damaging the businesses.

In that very situation, organizations need OgyMogy, an employee monitoring app. This software monitors smartphones, tablets, and computers. Certainly, it monitors every device.

Well, there are just a few cases where employees never tell anyone in the office that they are planning to quit. Almost every employee has a buddy in the office. Before making such a move, they take them into confidence and tell them that they are leaving.

Employees try to keep it secret and tend to discuss that over the phone or through a social messenger. Certainly, they do not discuss that issue face to face, fearing someone might hear it and make the management know about that.

Get OgyMogy to work so that it discovers you all that conversation that never surfaced. It can see what the employees are talking about using social messengers. Even employers can know why the employee is trying to leave the organization.

There could be several reasons, and as an employer, you know better how to retain your team.

OgyMogy a Professional Monitoring Suite:

Besides turnover, there are several other things that the employees do that remain hidden until they are gone. To be very clear, we are not blaming anyone, instead, we are going to discuss the issues that have happened in the past.

Back in 2009, a group of employees sold the design of a concept car manufactured in Germany to a Japanese automobile company. Although the vigilance department was quick enough to observe an illicit deal. But they could never find who sold those plans out. Soon enough, the Japanese company introduced that car but got a stalemate notice from the German company.

If that German company had OgyMogy, they would have been able to stop that deal. Also, they would have been aware of the black sheep. Alas! They did not have any such technology, else their design would have been in the safe hand.

Your organization might also be in such circumstances. Have you felt that, well, if so do you know the guys involved?

For everything like that there is OgyMogy. It is a professional monitoring suite with tons of features, specifically designed to ensure progress in the businesses.

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