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How is digital marketing different from traditional marketing

If you want to run a successful business then having just a good quality product and a good market will not help. It is also about using the correct marketing techniques that will help you to reach out to your target audience and then convert them into clients. There are indeed some businesses that do not give enough priority to marketing, but if you are serious about your business and want to increase profits, then you must keep a separate budget for your marketing.

Again, when you are trying to choose the right marketing technique, then you might be confused about whether you should use traditional marketing or digital marketing. The reason for this confusion is that though most of the companies even today prefer traditional marketing, however, even digital marketing is slowly gaining momentum. There is indeed a bunch of people who do not use the internet, however, there is another group of people who use the internet daily. If you want to become a successful businessman then it is certainly important for you to stay ahead of the competition. Therefore you simply cannot depend on traditional marketing ideas. You need to leverage digital marketing techniques as well.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is the type of marketing that is not done online. Broadcast, print, phone, direct mail and outdoor advertising are the traditional forms of marketing. This also includes advertising in TV and newspaper and through these media, the company can reach the target audience.

What is digital marketing?

This is a type of marketing that is held online. These include email marketing, PPC advertising, paid social media ads, etc. These also include influencer trips, promoted tweets, and tasty videos.

The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing are given below:


In  terms of cost traditional marketing, the cost of digital marketing is much less. The social media ads are much less if you compare to the ads on TV and newspaper. Certain digital marketing techniques are also free.


If you want to see your business develop into a brand and adapt a traditional marketing technique then it will take you some months, but you will be able to see results with digital marketing quite soon. Moreover, the results that are achieved from traditional marketing cannot be measured but digital marketing allows you to determine the return on your investments quite easily. Some of the most popular traditional marketing techniques are direct mail, telemarketing, broadcast media, certain long-standing projects that have already been recognized by the public, and the various analytics for measuring the results. Digital marketing includes social networking sites, websites, banner ads, content marketing, online video marketing, google ads, etc.

Easy Analytics

In digital marketing, calculating the different marketing opportunities is quite simple and also sharp. With the help of Google analytics, you are very easily able to understand which technique is performing and which one is not. Apart from this, you also get to know about the incoming traffic, the basic trends, interested visitors, the rate of transformation, and also the benefits. This is, however, not possible with the traditional marketing forms.


Tracking the traditional marketing techniques is certainly not easy. To evaluate the viewers and their communications you will have to put in a lot of effort that might be quite time-consuming. To get results you might often have to direct the overviews. The results and the information on the various digital marketing techniques can be registered as well. Without much hard work, you will be able to understand the procedures that are working. There you will be able to do using Google analytics. In case you see that the marketing techniques are not working well, then you can certainly change the technique. You can use the various social media channels which are used by a lot of people these days. Telling exactly which type of marketing is good becomes a little difficult. It would depend on the type of business you have. It is highly recommended that you choose that form of marketing that will suit your business requirements.

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