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How Does HONOR 9X Feel

How Does HONOR 9X Feel

As a mobile phone selling less than £ 200, the attraction of HONOR 9X is Kirin 710 chip and full screen. It has a full screen and 48megapixel camera. Judging from the paper parameters, HONOR 9X is cost-effective. A little experience will not satisfy everyone’s thirst for knowledge.

This article will describe the user’s experience with HONOR 9X in detail. For example, the performance of Kirin 710, the photographing power of HONOR 9X, etc.

Although the positioning of HONOR 9X is not high, its appearance is attractive. According to the official introduction, the rear shell of HONOR 9X is made of glass. In terms of hand feeling and visual feeling, it is better than other plastic mobile phones.

If there is a dot light source near the mobile phone, an “X” shaped texture will appear on the back of HONOR 9X. This is due to the influence of the light. With the change of light, the texture on the back will show some rhythm.

This kind of back design costs a great effort. It is unique among mobile phones with the same price.

This smart phone is HONOR’s first product with a lifting front camera and a full screen. There are no bangs, no digging holes, and nothing else on the front. The front of the mobile phone is a whole screen. The design is simple but advanced.


Most consumers’ attention to HONOR 9X comes from Kirin 710 chips. This chip is made by a 7-nanometer process. In the smart phone industry, it is one of the only 4 7nm chips.

Kirin 810 chip has added two Cortex-A76 cores. This is no longer inferior to Big Brother Kirin 980 in terms of single-core performance. If compared with Qualcomm’s Xiaolong 730 next door, Kirin 810 has advantages in the producing process. It is better in terms of CPU peak performance and NPU performance.

It is no wonder that netizens are flocking to HONOR 9X. The advantages in specifications are obvious. Consumers are more concerned about the specific performance of Kirin 810 chips than on paper.

HONOR 9X is equipped with a dual camera system. Compared with HONOR 9X PRO, it lacks a wide-angle lens. But the 48-megapixel sensor is retained. This is a large bottom with an area of 1/2 inch. The hardware quality is good.

We often say that hardware determines the lower limit of photographing. With a 48-megapixel sensor at the bottom, HONOR 9X’s photographing performance will not be worse. As far as the result is concerned, at least under the condition of sufficient light, there is no problem.

As for the night, HONOR 9X’s performance exceeded expectations. Judging from the performance of several samples, the exposure is accurate. The levels are clear.


With such outstanding comprehensive strength, HONOR 9X has become one of the most recommended smart phones below 200 at this stage. The word “one” can be removed from the fan base. Last year’s HONOR 8X series exceeded 10 million shipments. From the perspective of product upgrade, HONOR 9X seems to have an ambitious goal.

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