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Finding out if artificial intelligence a threat or a benefit

Finding out if artificial intelligence a threat or a benefit

Artificial Intelligence or AI is often conceived by Science as a robot that has characteristics similar to that of human beings. This artificial intelligence can encompass everything starting from Google’s search algorithms to autonomous weapons. 

Is AI a benefit?

The artificial intelligence that we know of today is referred to as weak AI. This means that this is designed in a way that will help it to perform quite a narrow task. These include simple activities like internet searches and facial recognition. The long term goal of this AI is to create a strong or general AI. The narrow or the weak AI can outperform human beings in specific tasks like chess or the solving of equations. But the stronger AI or AGI can outperform human beings in every cognitive task.

 It is not easy designing a smart AI and this can well be considered as a cognitive task. This system can also help in self-improvement. This triggers the explosion of intelligence and it, therefore, can leave human intelligence far behind. If revolutionary new intelligence technologies are discovered frequently, it would help in eradicating war, poverty, and also diseases. Therefore developing a strong AI can certainly be regarded as a very big event in history.

Some people raise doubts about whether ever strong artificial intelligence will be created, while others have full faith that strong AI will prove highly beneficial for human beings. As already discussed earlier, the AI can become more intelligent than human brains. Therefore, we are not able to imagine how the AI may predict in the future. There is also no way the past technological developments can be used here because the strong AI will overpower human intelligence.

Is Artificial intelligence a threat?

 You have to understand that today human beings have full control over the planet not because they are big, fast, and strong but because they are smart. So if the AI intelligence becomes smarter than human beings, then will human beings still be able to remain in control? The answer to this question is that human civilization will continue to dominate even if the technology grows. But to do this human beings would need wisdom that would help them manage the technology. So the best way to win this race to accelerate the latter rather than impeding the former. It is therefore important for us to find out ways that will help us enjoy the benefits of AI and avoid its negative consequences to impact us.

There are goals that the experts wanted to reach 5 years back. AI has been able to reach that goal. It is for this reason that experts think that AI will be able to reach its goal of becoming super intelligent within the coming years.

There are some negative impacts that the AI might have and therefore you need to find out ways that will help you to deal with such negative impacts. 

The jobs that are performed by human beings will be replaced by machines. Therefore human beings have to come up with some new activities that would be able to provide the mental and the social benefit that the job would provide.

Instead of focusing too much on how the strong AI will be discovered, it is important to research and find out ways that will help us tackle those developments and proceed to use these developments in the best possible way. If the institutions and the governments do not focus on the formulations of responsibilities, rules, and regulations then we will have to bear the negative impact of this AI.

The AI would also bring in terrorism that would now be AI-enabled. Conflicts would now be fought using the robotic swarms and the autonomous drones along with remote and the nanorobot attacks. So now we have to deal with nuclear weapons and also the global autonomous weapons.

Therefore we can conclude saying that strong AI can have both positive and negative impacts on our lives but it depends on us how we are going to use the positive influence and avoid the negative effects. If we can do this, then this technology would surely help the world to be a much smarter world to stay in.

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