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Fast Forward To 2030: Apple Will Be 100 Percent Carbon Neutral

Fast Forward to 2030 Apple will be 100 percent carbon neutral

In their latest Environmental Responsibility Report published this Tuesday, Apple has pledged to bring its carbon footprint to zero in the next 10 years. Apple device merchants and repair service providers need to take note of the company’s big plan and use their repair shop software to make one for themselves.

Apple is all set for its carbon-free mission. They have a complete roadmap and everything. Check it out!

Apple’s Climate Clean Up Roadmap

The giant tech company has shared their environment clean up approach to be “a ripple in the pond that creates a much larger change”. Basically, they are taking the first step and leaving a light on for other tech companies to follow their path to bring massive climate change.

The roadmap shows that Apple is dedicated to cut the energy emissions by 75 percent through a better manufacturing chain for all its products. They will invest in reforestation projects to take care of the other 25 percent. 

Product Design Improvements

Apple is rewriting its product design manuals and replacing all the carbon components with recycled materials. That’s right, they are recycling the older devices and reusing all the key materials in their new products.

It’s not just in the papers folks, it is happening. They have robots working on disassembling the Taptic Engines from iPhones and material recovery labs to go about the recycling of electronics. 

Overall, the company has already made an impressive record of decreasing their carbon footprint by 4.3 million metric tons in the year 2019. So, that’s something, right?

Energy Efficient Supply Chain

Part of the 75% carbon cut down will be played by Apple’s suppliers. The company is investing a hundred million dollars in energy efficiency projects for its suppliers.

The suppliers have replied with a big YES! More than 70 Apple suppliers have committed to use 100 percent renewable energy resources in the production of Apple products. 

Moreover, 2 of the company’s Aluminium suppliers have started developing the carbon-free Al smelting processes. The first batch is being used in the production of 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Natural Carbon Removal

We all want to see a carbon free world but, let’s face the facts, it’s not possible. Look at the amount of technology we are surrounded with. It is everywhere and Apple knows it. 

That’s why it has set a 75 percent carbon removal target from the product design and left the rest to natural solutions. Apple is funding some global level forest restoration and protection projects. 

The company is playing it cool and smart at the same time. It is investing in the mangrove ecosystem in Colombia because the mangroves are capable of storing 10 times more carbon compared to the normal forests. Let’s give it to their excellent maths skills.

‘The planet can’t wait’

All the giant tech companies Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook have their roles in climate change and global warming. They all use massive energy resources for their data centres. The technology that they are revolutionizing our lives with, makes it understandable. 

But what makes the difference? Somebody taking the responsibility for climate change and coming up with a plan to overcome it. And that’s exactly what Apple is trying to do and we should appreciate it, ‘cause guess what? The planet would love it!

Apple has been working with governments, NGOs, and other businesses to help protect the planet by supporting the transition to clean energy. Besides taking part in such movements, the company has now started a movement of its own.

They are restructuring their product designs, supply chains, and the overall business to come clean about their carbon footprint on the planet. In about 10 years from now, every Apple product will have “zero climate impact”. They are setting the bar pretty high for all the other tech giants, aren’t they?

They are playing every card in the game and looks like they are in it to win it, after all. The company is recycling the older devices to retrieve and reuse their key material in the newer models. It is also elongating the support for its older iPhones and Macs so that the consumers use their devices for a longer period of time and play their part in climate preservation.

Apple is also involving its suppliers in its big movement and taking their help in producing energy efficient products. And for the last card, it is doing it the old school way and bringing the forests back to action.

So the products will have the least possible amount of carbon and the forests will remove the rest of it from the atmosphere. Overall a zero carbon footprint. Well, sounds like a solid plan!

Here’s what you can do

The most popular tech production company has initiated the movement of going green with its products. They are pretty much done with their end of the deal and now it’s your turn!

As a cell phone and computer service provider, it’s your duty to take on the action and do justice to this carbon-free mission of Apple. So here’s what you should do.

Repair, repair, and repair. Keep giving lives to those old devices of your customers so they use them for long and reduce those carbon emissions. You can use a repair shop software for managing those repairs as well as sales. 

Buy used customer devices. Whenever a customer comes into your store to buy a new device, sell them one and then ask what they are planning to do with their old one. If they say “nothing in particular”, offer them a trade-in and later give it to Apple for recycling. A computer repair shop software will come in handy for such device trade-ins.

Last but not the least, when Apple products do come carbon-clean, use the same repair POS software to sell those new devices to your customers and give their old ones away for recycling.  If Apple is a ripple in the pond, you can be the wave! 

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