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E commerce trends to watch for in 2020

E commerce trends to watch for in 2020

The total retail e-commerce sales amounted to an amount of $3.53 trillion by the end of the year 2019. The revenues are expected to grow further by the year 2022. Ecommerce has completely revolutionized the way consumers shop. It is evolving continuously to meet online demands. 

Know about the various eCommerce trends

By eCommerce trends, we mean customer experience, enhancements, technology, or marketing strategies. Various ways will help you to enhance the buying experience. The viability, ease of use, speed, visibility, etc. can be some of the trends that can be immensely helpful in improving your customer experience. This will make the customers more loyal to your brand and will also help you to get new customers.

If the online retailers embrace the latest eCommerce trends then you can certainly expect them to get very good returns in the year 2020. There is a possibility that the small businesses may not have either resources or time to bring about enhancements in the eCommerce business, however, you need to choose the trends that will suit your business the most. Make sure not to get caught up in the hype of the various marketing fads.

E-commerce trends in the year 2020

If you are interested to know about the latest eCommerce trends of the year 2020, you can go through the points given below:

  • AI Chatbots

The AI that is based on the chatbots has been there for quite some time now. These are automated programs that will help you to stimulate conversations with human beings to execute certain tasks and also answer certain important queries. Natural Language Processing or NLP is used to understand the various queries. There is a high possibility that in the coming years the virtual customer service and the chatbots might become much more accurate and understand the emotional frame of mind of those people with whom they are chatting. This means that if you are not already using chatbots on your shopping platform, it is time that you should give it a try.

  • Infusing augmented reality

This is one of the best things in the eCommerce industry. To improve the overall experience of the buyers, several eCommerce platforms are integrating. With the help of these augmented reality tools, the customers will get the opportunity to try and test the various clothes, accessories, and homeware products before they finally purchase something. You need to understand that a satisfied customer will finally translate into more sales.

  • People will be more attracted to the video contents

Today most people have an extremely tight schedule because they have to meet up with both the personal as well as the professional commitments. Therefore they do not have enough time to look through the entire page to learn about a particular product. Therefore a small video for about 2 or 3 minutes will help you to engage customers and help them with the information that they need about a particular product.

  • Flexible payment options

If you have an online store that has expensive products, then there are chances that you will have less amount of sales. This is because the higher price tags are considered to be risky investment options for the customers. But the new eCommerce trends of 2020 offers flexible payment options to the customers. These services also break the larger payments into a few months. This increases the conversion rate as this way the customers can handle the payments much better. Overall, it is very much true that flexible payment options improve the overall buying experience of the customers. 

  • Topics on the environment tend to influence more buyers

Green Consumerism is rising and it is, therefore, necessary for all the brands to take the necessary action. As much as half of the digital consumers feel that environmental concerns do have an impact on their purchasing capability. It is therefore necessary for the brands to ensure that the products they sell are environmentally friendly.

When you are talking about new trends, may it be communications, integrations, or customizations you will always have to focus on those that will be able to benefit your customers? You will have to understand that the trends will come and go. But you need to ensure that your customers are happy with the services you provide. You should always come up with things that will help in improving you’re over- customer experience.

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