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Detailed Review for Marketer Magic

Detailed Review for Marketer Magic

MarketerMagic is a conversion and a marketing platform that is designed in a way, to meet the requirements of modern marketers. This has several important features and you can use these features to perform some of the most crucial tasks related to digital marketing. It also makes digital marketing work much faster and easier. Kevin David is the founder of MaketerMagic. He is a millionaire and he specializes in the different types of e-commerce businesses. He also has quite many followers on Youtube. It is on this platform that he shares important eCommerce and marketing tips.

The MarketerMagic Affiliate Program

The MarketingMagic affiliate program is also quite attractive. It provides as much as 41% commission on every sale. This is quite a good rate, however, this marketing material has a lot of scope for improvement. As of now the company is focusing a lot on the affiliate program and is trying to improve it.

Initially, you are given a free trial for this affiliate program. If you do not like using it and want to cancel, you will have to get in touch with the company at least 24 hours before. On the other hand, if you have already subscribed to the monthly billing plan and then want to cancel, you will have to send an official email to the company at least 10 days before the new billing month starts. If you have already subscribed to the annual plan, then you can’t cancel the subscription once the free trial periods are over.

Before subscribing to the affiliate program of this particular program, you might want to check out the reviews on the internet. But you will not be able to get a lot of reviews as it is a comparatively new product and it has been there for just a few months. But this has been tested before launching the product.

MarketerMagic Pricing and Free Trial

MarketerMagic is a marketing platform that has some of the best marketing features for digital marketers. The pricing structure for this is also quite reasonable. It has a 7 day trial period which is free and you get to use all the features within these 7 days. After this, you get the option of signing up for one of the paid plans.

To know about the pricing, you can go through the points mentioned below:

The most popular plan that is available allows you to 500k monthly searches. Apart from this it also provides you with 500k monthly impressions for the live pic, 750 monthly searches for ManyLeads, 100 email verifications for the email verifier, 500k monthly clicks for all the Minime features combined, and up to a total of 5 users in the work hub. The price for this plan is $47 per month but if you choose the annual payment of the bills, the price goes down to $37. This means, by choosing the annual billing plan, you can save $120 for the entire year. It would be better if the plan provided a higher number of users in the work hub and email verifications. But other than this, the price seems to be fair in terms of the value it provides.

MarketerMagic Pros

  • There are a lot of things that you will like about this platform. This is a product for the markets and has been created by marketers.
  • This product is quite simple and has many features
  • The design of the platform and the user experience is also near to being perfect
  • This also comes with entire training videos for marketing and this is very much within the marketer university
  • You can also access this from the main dashboard
  • This has excellent customer support and a Facebook group

MarketerMagic Cons

  • It is very much true that MarketerMagic is a great tool. however, this also has certain disadvantages and need improvement:
  • Even when you are signing up for a trial, you will have to provide your credit or debit card details. You are not charged until the trial period is over, however, it is a challenge for people who do not use credit or debit cards.
  • The amount of affiliate materials is very much limited. As of now, they provide a limited number of banners and promotional materials.

Despite having a few disadvantages, this is a great platform for digital marketing consultants, marketing agencies. Affiliate marketers and bloggers, social media marketers, and others. This is not at all for the businessmen outside the digital marketing industry. This is however an excellent platform and will for sure exceed your expectations.

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