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Components of A Successful Sales Training Program

Components Of A Successful Sales Training Program

Sales and marketing training is an essential tool to ensure that your sales team can achieve its objective. It trains the sales team to deal with all the challenges they might encounter, helping them achieve the sales objective for their products. It also gives them technical know-how and knowledge about the company to begin their journey.

Given the Covid impact on the market, social distancing is redefining training as well with remote training or virtual training becoming the most sought-after training methods of all. It promises same quality of training, without necessitating any physical presence.

These days, trainers are especially trained for virtual training since it requires specialised skill-sets to engage and train remote employees.

Components Of A Sales Training Program

If you are planning to take a high-ticket sales training program for your salespeople, make sure the program has the mandatory aspects covered:

Essential Sales Skills

 Here are a few essential skills that need to be brushed during the sales training programs.

  • Finding prospective clients
  • Writing cold emails
  • Making sales calls
  • Giving sales demonstration
  • Drawing proposals
  • Closing deals
  • Onboarding and welcoming clients

The best way to brush-up or teach these skills is to impart information using various teaching styles. Use real-life examples, make representatives sit during client calls and teach through video lectures. It will ensure sales representatives aptly grasp that information.

Few more important aspects to be considered while planning to conduct or enrol into a sales training program:

  1. Customer Experience

Your sales representatives should cultivate genuine empathy towards customers and their buying journeys. To develop such understanding, the sales representative training module should include activities that enhance this aspect of a sales rep’s personality. By understanding all facets of a customer’s buying journey, various stages and where they come from, real knowledge about the customer can be developed, that will help reps perform their jobs better.

Merely reviewing buyer personas isn’t enough. Create exercises based on real-world situations and ask representatives to imagine themselves in the customer’s shoes. Through this, they will be able to see themselves as customers and develop the same perspective as them.

  1. Products And The Market

The sales training program should have ample information on your product. Emphasise the unique selling proposition of your product, so that your representatives know what to answer when customers quiz them about the product. They should also be able to answer questions such as “what makes your product different?” and “why not your competitor?” from the top of their mind.

To have a deeper understanding of the product and its market, make the sales representatives talk to product engineers, technicians and software developers. They are aware of every little-known product feature, so conversations with them will be beneficial for the representatives.

New sales representatives not only need to be familiar with product details and features but also marketing libraries. Train your representatives so that, when required, they can pass on the right marketing material to customers in case they ask for it.

  1. Sales Process

If your sales representatives come from an organisation and with prior experience, likely, they are not aware of your sales processes. Train your sales staff and give them accurate knowledge of your sales process. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while educating your sales staff about company-specific sales process –

  • Preferred methods of lead generation
  • Method for qualifying prospects
  • Defining different stages of the sales funnel as per your organisation
  • How to guide prospects through the sales process
  • Closing a deal
  • Upselling and cross-selling

To teach effectively, using actual case studies and encouraging role-play is the right way. It will help sales representatives learn and register information much more effectively in their minds.

  1. Team Building Exercises

While you are designing a program to train your sales representatives effectively, it is necessary to ensure that they bond well. Direct trainers to shake up the composition of groups. It ensures that they all bond well together. The training program should also warm the sales representatives to each other so they can function well as a team.


Aside from having a well-planned training for the sales program, you should take note of assessments as well. No training is complete without evaluations. To measure the addition of knowledge, have an evaluation at the very beginning and one at the end of the training.

As a method to ensure that the representatives are truly remembering what they are learning, regular assessments after a chunk of training are essential.

Incorporating information that abides by the principles mentioned in this article will ensure a holistic training. Enjoy sales training and building a sales training program for your organisation.

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