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Best Tools for Game Mobile App Development in 2020

best tool for game mobile app

The game application industry is pacing faster than any other form of mobile app development currently. As far as the statistics go, more than 2.2 million people around the world are active mobile gamers now. About 25% of apps downloaded on the iOS platform and 21% of apps downloaded on the Android platform are game apps. The revenue of the mobile games market is expected to hit $76.7 billion by the end of 2020. If that’s not huge, what is? For developers and designers, a career in mobile app game development seems more promising than ever! But what are the right tools to develop something that every gamer out there will love? Let’s find out:

Topics Covered:

  • Top 10 Game Engines Available
  • How to Overcome the Common Challenges in Game App Development?

1.      Unity

Unity is a cross platform tool that was developed back in 2005 by Unity Technologies and is currently one of the most used ones by developers around the world. Its latest stable version 2020.1.4 has been released on 1st September, 2020. The tool has been written over C++ and C# and helps you create amazing 2D and 3D features in your applications.

Currently, it supports over 25 platforms on a whole and also allows you to import assets from other 3D applications like Blender. If you are new at developing games, this tool might come in handy as it comes with a descriptive help material as well as a lot of guides and tutorials. It is also a favourite among top mobile app development companies in India.

2.      Spritekit 2D

If iOS game development is on your mind, you can’t miss out on SpriteKit. SpriteKit is a well-designed framework that helps you create 2D games without much hassle. It supports both Objective C and Swift languages and is great for beginners. The best part about it is that it is supported by Apple itself, which means there’s no need to download external sources or libraries.

3.      Buildbox

If you are not a tech person yet a game savvy, Buildbox here is your best bet. Buildbox can help you create completely original 3D games without coding, programming, or scripting! The buildbox team ensures to help you by providing free courses to use the software and create games. All you need to do is select images, import and sign them a role, check character power up, objects, etc. and you will have a brand new game to show off. You can also make real-time changes if something doesn’t feel right. This makes it a top choice of app development companies in India.

4.      Construct 2

If you like working on a Windows platform, Construct 2 is the name to look out for. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that the games you develop on it are only gonna run on Windows. They can easily run on Mac or Linux as well. It is an HTML5 platform that helps create high performance 2D games. Here too, coding isn’t required. Hence, you can easily and speedily create games for mobile app development.

Construct 2 also supports multi platform export so you can launch your project on different devices all at once.

5.      Unreal

Thanks to the unrealistically user-friendly features of Unreal, you don’t need to be an IT expert or put in much effort to work with it. It is an advanced 3D creation tool that is continuously evolving to become better. Apart from allowing you to make changes in the real time without changing the codes, the platform allows you to test your game too!

From cinematic experiences to design visualizations, Unreal aids developers and mobile app development companies to create high-quality games that can be run over mobile, PC, consoles, AR and VR.

6.      Corona SDK

Don’t be afraid of the name, it’s just a tool. Corona SDK uses Lua scripting language to create cross-platform apps. The language is easy to learn and can be used to add interactive 2D features and plugins from the marketplace. The most famous thing about Corona SDK is its active community and clear documentation.

Real-time simulation support also helps you see how the app looks after the changes you have made.

7.      Fusion

Fusion features an easy-to-use interface that helps you produce event-based games. They have a library full of graphics that the developers can use for the title. One can also prepare 2D games through it, but it is preferred for the production of static ones.

8.      AppGameKit

Another diamond of a software for game developers and top mobile app development companies in India, AppGameKit is an ideal choice among beginners and Indie developers. Quick coding and multi-platform scripting are some of the best attributes of this gaming software. The user-friendly platform works on a similar coding as the C++ language and with just a few commands, your games will be up and running on all known devices.

9.      Marmalade SDK

Marmalade is a cross-platform game engine and software development kit from Marmalade Technologies. It contains all the samples, documentation, libraries, and tools required to put up cool 2D and 3D titles. The engine runs on C++ code and also aids in visual design testing of your final copy. Marmalade is a top choice among developers.

5 Major Problems in Game Mobile App Development with Solutions

1.      Operating System Fragmentation

More operating systems, more problems. Operating systems keep coming every now and then and all of them have their own SDKs. But does this mean you have to keep adjusting your app accordingly? No.

With cross-platform tools, like the ones we explained above, you can easily streamline the code accordingly and make it available for other operating systems.

2.      Feature Creep

Believe it or not, this problem is common. A lot of developers start with an idea but end up complicating the route themselves. Sometimes, making nothing at all! In such cases, you can try producing a beta version with the core functionalities only at first. Then, with the right feedback, you can adapt your app.

3.      Unnoticed App

The competition is as tough as ever. With so many apps to look forward to, it is hard to get your work noticed in the field of mobile app development. In fact, it is common that games with good graphics and motions go unnoticed and the poorly developed ones are rather famous. To overcome this, firstly you need to implement the right marketing strategies.

Some of them can be:

  • Getting listed on famed portals and blogs
  • Launching your app on third-party apps.
  • Reaching out to the public on social media platforms, etc.


These were some of the top game engines listed as of 2020. Game developers of app development companies in India can make use of the opportunity and produce great apps with the same. We have also listed the issues that developers might face during development and post-development of their apps too. Most of them are marketing issues that can be overcome by contacting a top mobile app development company in India.

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