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Best Mobile Screen Recording app for Viber

Best Mobile Screen Recording app for Viber

Social messaging apps enable people to express themselves and interact with family and friends. Everyone these days is downloading instant messaging apps on their digital phones and tablets connected to the internet. There are millions of people who are using Viber all day long on their mobile devices. It empowers you to make secure calls, and messages to anyone anywhere. Users can keep their conversations going no matter where you are present at the moment using cellphone devices instant messaging app Viber.

 It enables users to make a variety of calls and messages with loved ones, friends, and family. You can do audio and video calls, group chats, expressive stickers, instant voice and videos, and messaging. All of these features look cool, but teens are using this social messaging app for inappropriate activities. Teens are getting involved in online dating, privacy sharing, and get encounters with online predators. Parents can use the Viber screen recording app to keep an eye on kids’ activities.

Screen recording app in a nutshell

It is one of the all-time best features of cellphone tracking software. it enables users to get access to someone’s mobile device connected to the internet and upload all the information running on the target device screen. You need to install mobile phone monitoring software on the target device and use its web portal to activate the screen recorder feature.

Apart from it, it is packed with dozens of other features that let you monitor and record all the activities performed on the target device. The application was developed and designed for parental control to make sure kids online safety, especially on the social networking obsessed children.

 It has a user –friendly interface and you can surpass the security of any cellphone device to record and track activities happen on the target device. Users can use call recording, screenshots, IM’s social media, IM’s VoIP call recording, GPS location, browsing activities, and many more.

However, users can use remote control features like remotely block text messages, incoming calls, and the internet. You can easily install the application on the target device having a subscription. In addition to that, you can get detailed information via the customer support center.


The cellphone screen recording app is compatible with android phones and tablet devices up to version 10 and above. However, you can secretly use it on the target device to keep an eye on the teen’s social media activities.

Use cellphone surveillance app Features to record Teen’s Viber activities

Live screen recording

It is the best feature of the phone tracker app that empowers you to get access to the target device by activating the live screen recording app. It will start making short back to back videos of kids phone active with Viber social messaging app. Users can record the activities in terms of calls, messages, audio-video calls, group chats, sharing of stickers, instant voice and video, and conversations. In addition to that, recorded videos deliver to the online dashboard. You can certainly get access to the online dashboard and watch all the recorded videos to know what is happening on the mobile screen.


Users can also activate and schedule plenty of screenshots at once using an online dashboard. Furthermore, you can capture the activities of the instant messaging app via the screenshot feature and send it to the online dashboard.

IM’s social media

Users can get access to the online web control panel and activate the social media messenger monitoring app. It empowers you to get the logs of Viber messenger such as messages, instant voice and video messaging logs, multimedia sharing, and group chat.

Viber call recording

Now parents can record and listen to the one-sided Viber calls using IM’s VoIP call recording app.

How to install screen recording software?

 You can get your hands on the best mobile screen recording tool, but you have to visit the official platform of the cellphone surveillance app. Once you are on it, then you need to get the subscription and credentials via email. Get physical access on the kid’s phone and start the process of installation. End up with the activation process and use credentials to activate the web portal. Now you can activate your desired feature to get the job done.


TheOneSpy is the platform that provides you with advances and powerful features to monitor and record the Viber messenger activities on a cellphone screen.

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