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Apple Set to Open World’s First Floating Store in Singapore

Apple Set to Open World’s First Floating Store in Singapore

Just as the Apple products, even the retail stores of Apple and known to be clean and contemporary at the same time. The current design philosophy that Apple has might seem to be a little utilitarian as compared to the retail store designs of the earlier years.  The recent retail store of this tech giant is undoubtedly outlandish. It has a glowing orb that floats water. The Apple  Marina Bay Sands is in Singapore waterfront resort that has the same name. It is not open to the public as of now and therefore we are not sure as to what is waiting inside. But the exterior looks beautiful during the day and night. It is up to you to decide whether it is Utopian or dystopian, however, it looks as if it has come from a sci-fi film. During the day, this store looks quite futuristic similar to an extra-terrestrial vehicle that has just landed. This building sits on the top of water in its spherical glory.

During the evening, this building enters the territory of the “Blade Runner. It has red and neon blue lights and this store designed in a way so as to attract the attention of the people during the night. During the day, the glass panels reflect the skyline of the Downtown core and also the motion of the rippling water. During the night the sphere glows and has gentle warmth. It looks similar to the traditional lantern designs that are carried at the time of the Mid-autumn festival of Singapore. The store is very similar to that of an inflatable zorb ball. The design is extravagant and eye-catching at the same time. This is a store that is worth visiting and you simply cannot afford to miss.

On Sunday 23rd August, 202, 9to5Mac published marketing images with blurbs promoting what is referred to as “the lantern on the bay.”

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