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A Quick Free Guide for Water Sports & Kayaking

Do you want to paddle around in UAE at the best site? To Kayak in UAE is all about the enjoyable journey you have dreamed of. Facts you need to know before kayaking in a quick round including

  • Checklist for Kayak boating
  • Kayaking spots near you
  • Which one is the best place to kayak in UAE?
  • What makes Kayaking in Abu Dhabi particular for you?

All You need to know before Kayak Boating

Kayaking is a type of water sports like cycling where you paddle for several hours. There are three kinds of kayaking.

1Flatwater kayaking

2-Sea kayaking

3-Whitewater kayaking

If you are a newbie to kayaking, you must complete checklist following tips:

  • Mental Preparation and Dress Code

Take a kayaking lesson for proper paddling so that you would enjoy apart from just wasting your time in focusing on how to paddle proper. Don’t get dress up according to the weather as it would be most probably sunny, but the water temperature is icy. So, make sure to wear wetsuit and gloves as in case if you fall in, you are safe.

  • Choose A Right Boat and Sit Properly

A range of boats like lengthy slim racing to tiny playboats for kayaks are accessible. Choose kayak which suits water you are paddling. Sit correctly, and in a comfortable position, you fit in. Step by step, guidance for a kayak provided by the Best kayaking company ‘Mangrove water sports’.

Ensure Yours and Others Safety

A buoyancy aid is a crucial assistance for a paddler. Always wear buoyancy aid before kayak even if you are a powerful swimmer. You must know the primary rule for kayaking is to learn how to rescue others and yourself as not all time is right. So undergo primary capsize drill before kayaking.

If You Are Newbie, Don’t Kayak Alone

In case of any mishap or mishandling, don’t get panic and try to save fellow paddlers than the boat and if you are a newbie don’t kayak alone.

  • Where to Kayak in UAE?

When summer is ending, water sports are on the peak in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE. Among them, kayaking is the perfect choice to paddle around the UAE borders in the calm water. With unlimited adventure, entertainment, and fun, they spice up your trips. Kayaking is a new way to enjoy and keep you in shape while exploring the city around you. UAE is fantastic to have plenty of spots equipped with professional equipment and great views. If you are resident or planning to visit for the adventurous journey, do not miss to see the best kayaking places in UAE.

Which Is the Best Kayaking Place In UAE?

If you are wondering where to kayak in UAE? We have got you! Here are few best places listed where you would love to paddle and wander around the spectacular views.

1. Abu Dhabi Mangroves

2. Louvre Abu Dhabi

3. Ras Al Khaimah Mangroves

4. Kayaking at Palm Jumeirah

5. Hatta Kayak

Heading toward the capital of UAE, Eastern Mangroves Promenade, Jubail mangrove park, Palm Jumeirah or Hatta Dam of Dubai are the hot vacation spots for water sports activities. While for kayaking in Mangroves, the best place is Mangroves Water Sports which provides guidance and safety for kayaking tours.

Best Spot for Kayaking in Abu Dhabi

For fun, adventure and entertainment Abu Dhabi consider as the central hub of tourism and the most visited tourist place. Kayaking is among the best water sports for fun and exploring coastal life in Abu Dhabi. Many Kayaking companies offer rental services for one or two individuals in Abu Dhabi. Mangrove National Park is one of the trendiest kayaking places in Abu Dhabi. To explore lush mangrove forest there are plenty of opportunities. Mangroves watersports (MWS) is one of the best and top-rated Kayaking Company to explore coastal life in Abu Dhabi. They provide their services at Anantara hotel & Jubail mangrove park Located on Al Jubail Island. Limited but high standard kayaking services provide safety measures and professionals guidance to ensure your safety and great fun.

  • Location:
  • Mangroves-Maqta Abra Hopper – Zone 1Eastern Mangrove, Abu Dhabi
  • Jubail Water Park

· Charges: Guided tour: AED 140 per person for 120 minutes,

Kayak rental for 120 minutes: AED 50 (single kayak),

AED 100 (double kayak)

· Timing: Every Morning: 6:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Every Evening: 3:00 PM – 6:30 PM

· Contact: +971 54 433 2223

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