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6 Best Windows Data Recovery Software for 2021

Data, whether it is of a company, an organization, or an individual, in any form, whether documents, photos, videos, audios, or combinations, is an important asset, and loss of the same amounts to financial and intellectual loss besides the loss due to privacy and security factors. On one side, data may be of professional importance, and on the other side, it may be of emotional relevance. Whatever be the role, the ultimate fact is its pertinence and importance.

Not mere probability but the certainty of recovery of lost data in its original form and format is perhaps a boon to the loser. Thus, through this article, we endeavor to get our readers acquainted, if not well versed, with the best Windows data recovery software for 2021, discussing its pros and cons. This article will certainly end your search and help you find exactly what you are looking for. We hope that our readers would certainly appreciate our discernment.


Kernel for Windows Data Recovery is efficient software that helps in the recovery of lost, deleted, and inaccessible data not only from all kinds of corrupt FAT16, FAT32, NTFS NTFS5 partitions of Windows Systems but also from removable drives like USB, IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA, PEN, ZIP drives.

Some of the users’ reviews are presented below:

I do not know what happened that day to my computer…I couldn’t find any of my petitions and copies of documents of my clients. Things were more difficult as I had a hearing too in near future. But thanx to KERNEL DATA RECOVERY which helped me recover all my important data from my computer. I would recommend this software to all in similar trouble. My vehement thanx to you.” Adv Poonam Malik


  1. Easy to use for all users, from novice to discerning ones.
  2. Recovers data from internal as well as external storage drives.
  3. Recovers data irrespective of reason for loss of data.
  4. Recovers data in its original form and format.
  5. Recovers data from even permanently deleted files and folders.
  6. Recovers files and folders of any size no matter even if it is huge and bulky.
  7. File filter enables you to search specific or desired file by commanding file type and/or file size.
  8. Gives live preview of the files recovered by letting you to open, read and then save the same at the desired location.
  9. You can scan severely corrupt bad sectors many times.
  10. Three efficient modes of recovery exist viz, Quick Scan, Deep Scan and File Trace (in the order of simplest to most complex mode).
  11. Facility of pause and resume for time consuming files and folders which helps you to scan and recover huge data at different intervals without repeating the process by  proceeding from where you left last.
  12. (24×7) Free Technical Support provided through Live Chat, Emails and Phone.
  13. Demo Version available for free.
  14. Completely safe and secure and maintains privacy norms.


  1. One can scan severely damaged/corrupt sectors not more than 10 times.


Disk Drill Data Recovery Software is yet another powerful tool that helps you recover any type of deleted or lost data from the internal and external drive of your computer.


  1. Easy to use. One need not be technically proficient at using this.
  2. Offers you free data recovery up to 500MB of your deleted or lost data.
  3. Recovers data from internal as well as external storage drives.
  4. Recovers any file type or file format.
  5. One can specify the file type or filter before searching the file.
  6. One has the option to preview before saving the recovered file.
  7. One can save the recovered data at the desired location.
  8. Gives the option to ‘pause, save and restore’ for huge and bulky data to conserve time.
  9. Supports all operating systems of Windows available till date.
  10. Completely secure, safe, and maintains privacy norms.


  1. The free version offers free recovery of only 500 MB of lost or deleted data; for more, one has to buy the Pro version.
  2. Comes with only two scanning modes.
  3. Technical support: live chat and Email only. No telephonic support.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a data recovery software for all Windows operating devices. It offers recovery of all kinds of data lost data, viz photos, videos, documents, etc., (deleted, RAW, inaccessible, corrupted, formatted, etc.) from the partitions and other storage devices.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Recovers multiple types of file types.
  3. Provision of file filters like photos, documents, etc. (by type during scanning and recovery).
  4. Quick and deep scanning available as per requirement.
  5. Recovering and scanning run simultaneously to conserve time.
  6. The facility of ‘pause and resume’ available.
  7. Preview of recovered data available before it is saved.
  8. Recovery is secure and smooth. 


  1. The free version allows only up to 2 GB of data recovery for free. For more, one has to buy Pro-version for price.


Recoverit Data Recovery, formerly known as Wondershare Data Recovery, is an efficient software for Windows with a 96% recovery rate that helps you recover from all types of Windows devices from various internal and external storage devices. It offers easy recovery of data (deleted, lost, RAW, inaccessible, formatted, etc.).


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Recovers data from both, internal and external storage drives.
  3. Recovers more than 1000 file types and formats such as photos, videos, documents, audios etc.
  4. Quick and Deep scanning available.
  5. Provides filtering of files while scanning.
  6. Recovery of files and scanning runs simultaneously.
  7. Provides a preview of recovered files before they are saved.
  8. Offers different editions as per the needs of its customers/clients viz, Free, Essential, Standard, Advanced where customers/clients can customize themselves as per their requirements.
  9. Technical support: (24×7). (No other medium of support specified but could see only live chat)


  1. The free version allows recovery of data up to 100 MB only for free, and for further assistance, one needs to buy other Pro versions as per their requirements.


Recuva is a lightweight data recovery software for Windows and is developed by Piriform for the recovery of deleted and lost files from your computer device. It can recover any file type, whether pictures, audio, video, or documents, from an internal and external storage device. It comes in installable and portable versions.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Recovers data from internal as well as external storage drives.
  3. Deep scanning of file from drives.
  4. Credible and safe to use.
  5. Available in 30+ languages besides English, some to be mentioned; Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Russian etc.


  1. Created for personal use only.
  2. Deep scanning is quite time-consuming.
  3. Delay in the use of the tool for recovery from the time data got deleted limits the success of the tool.
  4. No assurance of recovery of data from the severely damaged storage drive.
  5. Free version available with limited features only and to get those features further one has to buy the Pro version.
  6. Last updated in 2016.


Stellar Data Recovery Solutions offers recovery of data through its software tool, In-Lab services, and remote services irrespective of reasons of loss of data from both internal and external storage drives. It offers 100% data recovery.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Recovers all types of data (deleted, lost, inaccessible) from all formatted, corrupted, and encrypted drives – internal and external storage drives.
  3. Offers preview of recovered data before it can be saved.
  4. Quick and Deep scanning available.
  5. Offers ‘pause and restore’ facility to conserve time.
  6. It ensures accuracy, originality, reliability, and complete efficiency in data recovery.
  7. Available in different versions viz, Free, Standard, Professional, Premium as per the needs and requirements of the customer, latter has the choice to make accordingly.


  1. The free version recovers up to 1 GB of data out of the lost data, and for further recovery, one has to buy for price as per one’s needs from the above-mentioned versions.


The above article is somewhat a ‘comparative review’ of some best data recovery software, though not all so that readers can comprehend the features, correlate their requirements, and make a choice happily and, of course, easily. We hope that our readers would find our efforts helpful and would appreciate the same and we shall always be delighted and satisfied more when our readers get some good out of this.

Happy reading, and keep following our articles.

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