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5 Best Zenith Watches You Should Not Miss Out On

5 Best Zenith Watches You Should Not Miss Out On

Being in the industry for two decades now, Zenith watches still ring a bell whenever people hear them. This luxurious Swiss watch brand is among the best ones you can get in the market today if you are looking for a sturdy and worthy timepiece. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! Here are the best Zenith watch models you can get today.

1. Zenith El Primero Chronograph

Zenith’s watch is genuinely one of the best to get from the brand because of its sleek design and function. If you are looking for a watch with less bling and accessory and focuses more on how efficient the movement is, then the El Primero Chronograph is the best to get.

Unlike other Zenith watches, this one features a 42mm stainless steel case sturdy and durable to wear daily. The dial is also open, and it is not overdone with design compared to other chronograph watches in the market. One look at the clock, you would know that this is the timepiece you should add to your collection.

Other specifications include three brilliant sub-dials and luminescent hour indicators. You can easily reset the time depending on the time zone you are in because the El Primero has a comfortable push-button place on the winding crown. Lastly, this timepiece is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

2. Zenith Chronograph Doublematic Pilot Men

If you are more of an outdoor and sporty person, then Zenith’s Doublematic watch is the perfect timepiece for you. The Doublematic is impressively accurate and worldly, and you can’t find another clock just like this in the market.

The Doublematic features a second-time zone option, so you get to be on time in two different places at once. The watch also has elegant red and black accents, which makes the timepiece more amusing to watchmakers. Doublematic is a famous aviation watch perfect for those who are always staying outdoors or doing sports.

Other physical specifications include a black dial with bright writings in Hindu-Arabic numerals. The watch also has an alarm function and has a reserve power of up to 50 hours. The Doublematic runs in a chronograph movement, and it has a two-date part as well.

3. Zenith Titanium Defy Zero-G

In this generation we live in today, people like something different and creative. Most people like designs that are genuine from the creator’s imagination. However, it’s hard to find those features in a timepiece, not until you know Zenith’s Defy G watch.

This timepiece was first introduced in 2018 during Basel World. The watch features a very refined look, and it is indeed unique compared to the other Zenith watches. Specifications include a 44mm titanium case and sleek dial. The hours and minutes of the clock are placed in the center. Aside from that, a second indicator is also set next to the 9 o’clock hand.

4. Zenith Montre D Aeronef Type 20 Tourbillon

If your main concern for a watch is its design and style, then the Montre D Aeronef is the best timepiece to get from Zenith. It tells accurate time efficiently, and it is also an eye-catcher. When you wear this timepiece at work or wherever you go, the watch can quickly spark a conversation with anyone you come across with.

The only downside of this watch is it cannot be easily bought because it is quite expensive. This is among the most expensive watches that Zenith sells. With a price tag amounting to $`71,000, this watch truly holds both monetary and unique value.

The watch has an impressive 48mm case made of 18K rose gold. The dial is in ebony black, which makes it more elegant and sleeker. The numerals on this watch are in Hindu-Arabic, and it contains three sub-dials. There is a big sub-dial placed at 11 o’clock, and it has all the tourbillon functions.

5. Zenith Original El Primero 1969

Before the El Primo Chronograph was launched, an original one was already in the market a few years back. The El Primo 1969 watch shows a mix of modern technology and tradition, making it a famous timepiece among watch enthusiasts.

Since it is the original El Primero, it is superior to other El Primero watches that Zenith has. This timepiece features a great aesthetic design that throws you back in the 1960s. The dial is silver-toned, and the center has a brilliant red shade. The Zenith logo is embarked on the dial as well, and it contains three sub-dials that come in three shades: blue, light gray, and dark gray.


Now that you know the best Zenith watches in the market, you are now more knowledgeable about how each model works. Each Zenith watch is crafted with excellence and unique quality, and your money’s value will never be compromised.

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