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5 Best Gadgets To Look Forward To In 2020

5 Best Gadgets To Look Forward To In 2020

In the year 2019, there was a surge of foldable smartphones, wearables, smart home speakers, and PC gaming. Apart from these the wireless stereo earphones and the various internet of things products were also launched in the year. 2019 was a year that saw the development of technology landscapes and thereby raised expectations for 2020. The year 2020 is ready to come up with a set of herald tech lifestyle brands. These include the 5G-capable devices, fitness bands, smart shoes, various internet of things home products, and smartphones that focus on the games.

To get an idea about the top 5 gadgets of 2020, you can go through the discussion below:

Motorola Razr

Motorola Razr

The Chinese Electronics company, Lenovo is today the proud owner of Motorola. It was launched in India in 2020. This smartphone has a bendable screen and it is based on the original flip phone of the company’s iconic model, Moto Razr flip phone original. With the launch of this model, this company has ranked third among the other popular mobile companies to have brought in a foldable smartphone. This is a screen that can be blended. The biggest advantage of this phone is that it has a dual function. It operates both as a smartphone and also as a tablet. To use it as a smartphone, you can either fold it or keep it unfolded. It is this feature that makes it different from its competitors.

Oppo Under Screen Camera Phone

Oppo Under Screen Camera Phone

This model was unveiled for the first time in the mobile world congress in the year 2019. This technology will help the smartphone companies to manufacture smartphones with a font profile that is free from all kinds of obstructions. This will also be able to provide an enhanced skin to body ratio because the front camera is placed under the display in a way that you will not require a cut-out or notch on the screen. Oppo is one of the first mobile phone companies that came up with the technology of a fingerprint sensor. They also heightened the camera modules. This is also the first company that has launched smartphone models with an under the screen selfie camera module.

iRobot – Intelligent Mopping Robot

iRobot - Intelligent Mopping Robot

iRobot is a company that is known for its home robotic appliances. These include the floor mopping machines and the vacuum cleaners. This year the company has also come up with a floor mopping robot under the Braava series of machines. This is a part of the iRobot ecosystem and this will have the imprint technology used in it. This technology will allow it to work with iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners. Moreover, it will also provide support to the large automation app that may be used for remote access. It will use the Amazon Alexa for the various voice command operations.

LG ThinQ Washer with AI

LG ThinQ Washer with AI

This is the new front load washing machine that has been launched by LG. It has an artificial intelligent direct-drive motor. It has very intelligent sensors that help it to identify the various type of fabrics and also detect the weight and the volume of each of the laundry loads. This load is based on the information that more than 20,000 data points have a relation with the usage of water. This will also help in programming the optimal setting of the wash cycle and the number of liquid detergents needed to get the best results. This will help in improving the cleaning and will also increase the life span of the garments.

Olive Smart Ear

Olive Smart Ear

This is a hearing amplifier that is very much affordable and allows the user to hear the television in the room and the conversation with friends better. This device does not look like the original hearing aids and is similar to wireless earbuds. This has also received an award in the CES Innovation 2020. It is available in black and white color and one of these cost $299. This also has a portable charging case and you can get it from the e-store of the company, Olive Union. Apart from this, you can also get these in other leading e-commerce sites.

The gadgets mentioned above are undoubtedly some of the best gadgets of the year. They serve a lot of your purposes and you can get the one that suits your requirements.

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