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12 Guidelines to Make Your eCommerce App Successful

12 Guidelines to Make Your eCommerce App Successful

Online shopping has now become a huge rage. Both customers, as well as retailers, have adapted to the new marketplace for increased options and greater market access. Every e-commerce app tries to be unique to attract more customers. However, the majority of them fail to take off, as they do not follow some important guidelines that would have led them to success.

If you are thinking about taking your retail store or grocery shop online, then having a dedicated mobile app is the best way forward. Further more, what kind of application are you developing will also play a role in app development cost. Following the latest trends would be great while designing your app, it does not automatically guarantee a greater conversion rate or user experience. Your e-commerce mobile app should have certain components to make it stay relevant and competitive.

Here we will provide you with the 12 critical factors that you should consider before starting the eCommerce app development. By thoroughly following the points mentioned in this post, you would be able attract online shoppers and also make your eCommerce app successful.

12 Elements That Can Help Your eCommerce App Get Success

Identify Your Niche

Deciding your niche is the first step to make sure that your e-commerce app is successful. To find out about your niche you have to decide what products you are planning to sell. You must do a comprehensive market study to figure out the purchasing tendencies as well as existing buying patterns. Once you have identified your niche, then you have to create a strong supply chain and identify your target audience.

 Simple and Clear Design

Remember that user experience plays a critical role in the success of any mobile app. The first thing that impresses the user when he/she starts using a mobile app is its user interface. When you are designing the app, you should carefully look at how to welcome the user into the app and then guide him or her through all the available categories. Thus, a great UI can play a huge part in encouraging the user to explore the various categories and then make a purchase. As the screen size of a mobile device is quite small, you must have a simple layout, wherein each element is clearly visible and organized neatly.

Easy Navigation

As the real estate of your mobile screen is limited, you must make navigating through the app very easy. To do this intelligently, you should only show the most important categories and subcategories in your menu.

Quick Login and Check Out

A quick login and check out also plays an important role in the success of your app. Your user must be able to access and exit the app with very little formality. Create an easy login and exit option so that the user can easily access the app through their social media accounts.

Multiple Payment Options

The flexibility of payment option is the key to the success of your e-commerce app. You should allow the users of your app to pay for any purchases made through your app by using a credit card, debit card, net banking, virtual wallet, and others. This will ensure that the users of your app can make the payment through their preferred option.

Prominent Cart Button

Cart button is one of the most important elements of your e-commerce mobile app, as every customer will use it when they buy products from you. Make sure that it is permanently displayed which allows them to add products without going to the cart page. This will allow them to continue their shopping and thus improve your sales.

Quick Loading

App users always look for a quick transaction that is possible only if the app load time is minimal. Your average load time should be around 4 to 5 seconds. If the load time is much higher, then the user will look for other alternatives.

One-handed Input

E-commerce apps should be optimized for one-handed input. All the critical elements of the mobile app like add to cart button, pay button and exit button should be easily accessed through the thumb while holding the mobile phone in the same hand.

Add a Progress Bar

Adding different products to the cart requires several processes. Adding a progress bar will indicate to the user how many processes need to be completed before they make the payment. This will prevent them from signing out midway.

Security Features

E-commerce apps are increasingly becoming the target of hackers. It is therefore important that you should take adequate precaution to keep the information about your user’s data safe by adding the best security elements as well as encrypting the entire payment process. This will improve the confidence of the users in your app leading to its success.

Use Inbuilt SmartPhone Sensors

Almost all the smartphones that are available in the market are crammed with sensors that the app developer can use intelligently to improve the user experience. You must try to optimally make use of the inbuilt features of the smartphone to provide the users with ultimate mobile experience and make your e-commerce app successful.

Use Google Analytics

Building the e-commerce mobile app is just one part of the job. You must regularly analyze the user data to know which features of your app are used maximum times and which of them needs further improvement. Google Analytics can give you the insight by showing you the app user pattern in real-time that you can use to make any improvement and make your app more exciting to use.


Going through all the steps we have listed above will ensure a greater chance of success for your e-commerce app in the weeks ahead. It does not matter whatever the size of your business is, an e-commerce app that follows some of the time-tested guidelines that we have shared with you here can create a fantastic user experience and make it a grand success.

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