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10 Best & Must Have Apple Watch Apps 2020 – Tech Geeks World

Top 10 Apple Watch Apps

The Apple app has been around for quite a few years now and there has been a large number of these apps available. Currently, it also has an apple store. Indeed, all apps are not great, but there are quite a few of them that are brilliant. 

If you are interested to know in details about these apps then, you can go through the discussion given below:

Carrot Fit

This is an app that has trademark subtlety and you get invited to 7 minutes in hell. You will get the opportunity to customize the break or the exercise durations. Otherwise, you have to work as per the instructions of HAL 9000 which you will have to re-imagine as a fitness instructor. This does not have an audible snark and this is unlike the iPhone incarnation of carrot. Some familiar exercises get oddball names that are very much amusing and the wall-sits become the Invisible Iron throne. But whether you will be amused at the end of the 7 minutes remains a question because at that time, your body would be aching and you will be sweaty.

Work Outdoors

Apple watches have several works out apps, but the Work outdoors can do something that the other apps are not able to do. You are thus able to get a map on your wrist that is based on vector. You have the option to rotate, zoom, or pan it. This is as if someone has simply fitted a very tiny iPhone in the watch case of Apple. But it does not stop there. Several other features will show you what you can do when you want something more than the sidekick of the phone’s app. These include the breadcrumb trails, multi-colored speed/elevation/heart rate trails, alternate zones and layouts, several options for data, compass support, and also POIs that will help you to find out ways to the nearest pub.

1 Password

This is one of the best apps that are wearable. Here you will not have to replicate the password-management feature because it simply covers the keys for two-way authentication. This is quite simple and handy at the same time.


There was no calculator included in the Apple watch because the fingers of the people are too pudgy and therefore performing the various calculations becomes a problem. But this is not at all true. Calcbot fits in and fills the gap that is left for the calculator in the Apple watch. If you get this upgrade to the pro version, you will then be able to get specialized tips that will help you during workouts.


This is quite a simple app but extremely effective. This does not have as many features as your iPhone, but you will be able to request an Uber from the wrist and you can simply do this without even touching the phone. You will get to choose from the various car options available and you will also get to know about the wait time.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps does not have a very good reputation, however, it works well on the Apple Watches. You will simply have to ask Siri and then you will be able to get directed to the location and you will also get the option to start. Then there would be a vibration alert that would come up in your next turn.

XE Currency

This is a very handy app for those people who travel frequently and want information about the currency rates for different countries. You will simply have to type in the amount and it gets automatically converted into all the other currencies.


This is also a currency converter app. This knows your location and is therefore able to pick up the exact currency for you. You can then swipe it left or right to increase or decrease the value of the currency.


This is for people who travel frequently and also people to go on vacation. The words that you speak into it gets converted into the language that you mention at the bottom.


It allows you to see the status of the transport that is near to your location. For this, you will simply have to press a few buttons. This is a very simple app and it will also give you directions to your workplace.

The Apple apps will help you to get the required information on the screen and then deliver it and for doing all this, they will not require an iPhone. Here you have everything starting from the games app to the productivity apps and all of these make this app useful. It is therefore much more than a simple gadget.

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